Preparing your Airplane for Sale

It’s time we detail the plane!

How long has it been since the last time you washed the plane? A few weeks, or even a few months already? The same way that one would wash their car after regular use, your airplane deserves the same amount of care.

Small bugs, dirt, grass, and more fragments of organic and inorganic material begins to collect on the wings, near the gear and over flight controls.

Having your airplane washed regularly can help not only keep the plane looking nice but also ensure that it is operating at its designed performance metrics. The potential for the build up matter to potentially cause damage or corrosion increases over time of neglecting the items.

In addition you will feel better walking up to your plane and seeing how the plane looks on the ramp shiny and spot free. Your passengers if any will appreciate the attention to detail in upkeeping its cleanliness.

Keeping the plane clean also helps to increase the value. When it comes time for the new owner to pick up their plane it will make an impact on their experience when they see their new plane with a fresh coat of wax and polish to keep the paint protected for years to come.


Meet Jared Thompson

Jared continues to expand his expertise and develop himself as a professional within the aviation industry. Beginning the journey over 5 years ago as an entrepreneur, Jared started offering detailing on not just vehicles but also airplanes. With a commitment to continuous education and a passion for aviation combined has created the perfect mix of ambition and intelligence to make sure that the highest quality of service is delivered every time.

With the “spare time” that Jared has he hold a private pilot certificate and also is completing his Bachelors in Aviation managements specializing in business from Liberty University. You can be confident that when Jared is detailing either your airplane or your car, that he will care for it as if it was his own.

Service Packages

Basic Wash

The essentials for wet/dry wash & vacuum for both aircraft and automobiles. Great for maintaining a clean vehicle regularly. Covers the surface areas and any visible debris.

Ultimate Cleaning

The Ultimate wet/dry wash & wax with a interior deep cleaning. When cleaning may not have been as regularly performed. Ideal for before selling an airplane to ensure a pristine aircraft is being delivered.

Additional Services Include:

  • Mobile Detailing in the entire state of Florida
  • Full Exterior & Interior Detailing
  • Deep Carpet Spot Cleaning
  • Headlight Restoration
  • Filtered Wet Washes
  • Waterless Dry Washes
  • TKS & De-Ice Boot Cleaning
  • Paint Corrections
  • Ceramic Coatings
  • Bright Works
  • and More!

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