The Kodiak was Designed for Adventure

The Kodiak is unique in its design and offers perks to ensure that your flight is not only comfortable and most importantly safe.

Are you in the mood for something a little more rugged with a classy side?

Maybe you are thinking about doing some exploring on some dirt or grass runways in the country side and then finish of the trip by heading into town. Regardless of where the next adventure takes you, the Kodiak by Quest Aircraft provides all that you are looking for in terms of weigh capacity, range, comfort and design for your next expedition.

The key for anyone looking to start their adventure is the freedom to choose. The freedom to make spontaneous decision to reconfigure the seat configurations between legs to maximize space for extra bodies or supplies.

The freedom to fly to more runways with its incredible STOL abilities. The freedom to customize and configure your aircraft with the capabilities of adding addition storage space under the belly of the aircraft or even converting its fixed landing gear to be amphibious are all possible.

Quest Aircraft understands that every one has different needs and desires when it comes to their aircraft and they have created a versatile platform that allows the user to determine what specification will best suit their needs.

The Specs

The Kodiak was designed to be infinitely versatile, with a total max take off weight of 7,255lbs (3,290 kg) this gives you plenty of space for the whole family and more.

For those looking to set up camp for the weekend there is no need to go shy on the supplies you are packing as the seats can be configured to allow for more cargo space. The average fuel burn sits at about 45 GPH and the tank can hold a total of 320 gallons.

No need to duck and hurt your neck as you enter through the large payload door located near the rear. The max cruise rang at 174 Ktas at around 12,000 ft. will consume around 46 gph and travel a distance of 1,005 nm over 5.8 hours. If you were to bring the speed down a bit to around 135 Ktas at around 12,000 ft. your fuel consumption will drop to only about 33 gph which will in result bring you to a total of 1,132 nm over the course of 8.4 hrs. of flight time.

The technology onboard is to the standards of the FAA and compliant with all ADS-B standards as well. The technology allows for reduced workload on the pilot in command, as well as enhanced situational awareness with various sensors available for your safety.

With assistive take off to touch down navigational systems and a fully synthetic weather radar with augmented vision capabilities the level of safety will provide a peace of mind to all onboard.

The performance of the aircraft certainly speaks for its self in terms of being able to take off with only 934ft of open land and at a climb rate of 1371 Feet per minute it allows you to be able to maneuver in and out of locations near steep mountain ranges.

More in depth breakdown of the exactly weight and balance aspect of the aircraft can be made readily available on the Quest Aircraft website.


Above all the Kodiak has a unique style that allows for incredible versatility in its function. One could fit the interior with sleek details and tables with access to Wi-Fi and entertainment which would provide an incredible space for one to be able to conduct business or even operate charter service in more rural locations where travel is more frequently done with short distances.

The exterior has a very classic aircraft look which can invite the true aviation enthusiast who enjoys the more classic styled aircraft. Most importantly the design of the wings and fixed gear system creates a safer aircraft. Having a strong sense of understanding of human factors is the key element which makes this aircraft not only inviting but also comfortable

There are many factory options regarding the style of paint job you would be most satisfied with and there are many individuals who have taking it upon themselves to use the incredible surface area of the Kodiak to present incredible pieces of art.

The ability to appeal to many various styles and tastes promotes the versatility of the Kodiak in its ability to be very customizable in the various details which can incredible transform the overall appearance of the aircraft.


Over all we have looked at the initial impact of the story that can be told with the Quest Kodiak. Many of you are probably thinking now what all this is going to end up costing after a few trips through the mountains of Colorado or the Beaches of Jamaica.

The following numbers simply apply as estimated costs for operations with the Kodiak. Fuel always being one of the more expensive factors at about $202.05 an hour and adding in labor of maintenance and overhaul reserves the total direct cost per hour is around $393.

Now this can be broken down to direct cost per Nautical Mile which can be at an estimated $2.44 a mile. If you were to configure the seat layout with 8 seats and charge per seal mile the cost would come out to $.30 making it an option for use in terms of small charter service.

The Cost of the aircraft itself can range depending on the year and the many variations which can be added on. For more in detail quotes of what is on the market currently feel welcome to reach out to me and we can help you get an idea of what the costs could potentially look like in terms of purchasing a Quest Kodiak.

The Quality

Most importantly keep in mind that the aircraft are build by hand. They are not mass produced ensuring that you are getting a product that has been through many individuals who all have quality tested the parts and elements which they are created. This results in a more specialized and quality product that can ensure greater results in your flying experience.

I look forward to seeing more of these incredible aircraft flying in the sky as they provide the solution to the modern aviator seeking adventure in the unpaved runways around the world. The craftsmanship behind the design and durability of the material used create an aircraft that promotes safety as its priority.

The versatility and design make you feel as if the aircraft was made just for you. The many available options promote variety and demonstrate the many various way that the aircraft can be used.

With the incredible space in the cabin one could use the aircraft to provide relief to those in need with supplies and food to those who are not located near a major airport or town.

We need to recognize the capabilities of this aircraft surpass that not only of adventure and business but it has the potential to do incredible things in the world when used properly.

Reach out to me if you feel like the Quest Kodiak is right for you. Lets get you flying one so you can unlock the next adventure in your life.

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