There Is No Room For Doubt in the Cockpit

Aviation is a result of people facing their fears. As the Wright Brothers set up in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina in 1903 to bring their Wright Flyer off the ground, or as Chuck Yeager stepped into the X-1 in aims to break the sound barrier, they needed to remove any self doubt they had inside.

These individuals faced adversity and rejection from others as they faced what was told to be “impossible.”When expanding the capabilities of what is possible one must first get uncomfortable. During the time for the Wright Brother, they jumped from one business idea to the next.

From a bicycle shop to a printing press they attempted many entrepreneur ventures for their time trying to find what would best fit their skills. As they become obsessed with the concept of flight they began to envision themselves soaring through the sky just as the birds would. They began the design and construction process and as they shared their excitement with other they face rejection, ridicule, from friends, family members and even those who they had not yet met.

Although I can not say they never felt any doubt, I can say that in the moments that they were lined up on the beach revving up the engine and strapping on their goggles there was no room for doubt. In those moments your accumulative efforts and dedication towards your success is coming together. They removed any element of doubt and allowed the engine to propel them forward and gently higher to experience controlled flight.

The misconception that success or failure happens in moments is a myth. Your results are based on an equation:

Attitude + Action + Time = Results

Your results are a simple equation where the mindset and attitude you have in regards to a certain topic in correlation with the amount of action you take over a given amount of time determines your results.

To give a clear example of the following; if the wright brothers were negative about flying and felt it was not possible they may have never even taking any action towards the topic. This would have resulted in them spending no time on the subject leading to their results being nothing.

The use of numbers can even make the equation a bit easier. If for attitude you use a scale of (-10) – (10) with (-10) representing an extremely negative attitude towards the subject and (10) representing extremely positive attitude. The action can be measure specifically in regards to how many tasks were done toward the subject and time will remain constant.

See we have to remember that the fruit are the last things to grow on the tree. Often times when are are working towards growing something large, and powerful that has the ability to support life we get frustrated when we are pouring in effort and there seems to be no sign of results.

This is where patience plays the biggest key because many people believe that patience is a passive action. Patience does not by any means refer to you living passively waiting for a garden to grow in your back yard regardless of the fact that you have not planted any seeds or tended to the soil.

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Having patience and continuing to tend to your garden regardless of if your tree is bearing fruit. You can not plan an apple seed and then be upset that there is not an fully mature fruit bearing apple tree there the next morning.
The same way works towards your trading and your business.

Let’s take a look at two Forex traders:

Forex Trader A: Spends all his time scrolling through Instagram and looking at others successful investors with envy and jealousy. They do not spend any time working on their self-development and growth, they do not participate in any training or groups to develop trading skills and are constantly feeling like the market is against them.

They never opened a practice account and practiced a minimum 100 trades and just went ahead and opened a live account with $500 and have only taken a few over leverage trades in the 6 months the have been trading and have close to already blown their account to zero. Their attitude is poor, they have not taken the necessary action and they have only been trading for 6 moths thus their results will reflect directly the poor effort they have put in.

Forex Trader B: Wakes up to a strong grateful attitude towards life and is focused on their own personal goals and how is organized in the purpose with how to approach life. They spend time everyday working on their mindset and reflecting on their struggles and achievements to better understand their life in its progression.

They took the time to participate in training events, classes, seminars, trading groups, and constantly are keeping up to date with the changes in the market globally. They had patience in the start and opened a trading account and working on their skill for months prior to even ever putting a real dollar into an account. It has been over 3 years since they have been putting in the daily rituals and the results are finally beginning to show.

The moment that you begin to have doubt and loose hope you start to take less action. As you take less action you then begin to loose proficiency and skill in the subject. As the skill begins to depreciate you now loose the desire to continue and then as a result spend less time to eventually no time on the subject and then you see no results.

Doubt will kill not just your business; but your relationship, your investing goals, your career goals, or specifically in aviation doubt could potentially result in your own untimely death.

Your Ego Does Not Want to Be Wrong

Pilots understand that they are in control of the aircraft and they have the ability to maneuver the aircraft how they please. If in a situation the pilot begins to feel some turbulence or cross winds and begins to doubt his or her ability to be able to properly regain control of the aircraft then the probability of him being correct are now much higher.

See our subconscious minds holds dearly to our ego and it hates one thing more than anything which is being wrong. We all will do whatever mentally possibly to ensure that the ideas and concepts that we have embedded into our subconscious remains true.

When new ideas come in that contrast the already underlying idea imprinted in the subconscious mind and our Ego decides to reject the idea we will do whatever in our power to ensure that our mind can be correct.

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It is almost like a drug that our mind craves which is released when ideas manifest into reality. If we imprint an idea in our head that money is the root of all evil, then we will find supporting details in every aspect of life to reinforce the idea that money is the root of all evil and the more supporting ideas we find the more ingrained the idea becomes in our mind.

The same works in aviation. If a pilot is full of fear, doubt, and is constantly focused on the idea that aviation is dangerous and that pilots lack control of their aircraft then soon that pilot will subconsciously manifest his own reality as his mind will find ways to ensure that the ideas in his head match the realities of his world.

Trading involves a magnitude of personal/internal conflict. When you are trading, it is just you against the market and when failure comes up the Ego will make sure that they are not to blame. They will create a fantasy of excuses to distribute the blame away from itself and it project it upon other factors to protects its image and ensure that it eliminates contradictions and inconsistencies.

Action Eliminates Doubt

Doubt normally starts off with a “what if?”

What if I fail at my check flight?

What if my trade analysis was wrong?

What if my new business idea fails?

All of these question that create a sense of doubt are restraining you from being able to achieve results. Take the 5-seconds to recognize the restricting idea that is holding you back from giving the next action every thing you have. Once you identify that restricting through that is holding you back from acting with intention, replace the idea with an empowering one.

I put in hours of practice and hard work that has lead up to my check flight, it is now time to focus on everything I have learned to get me here and give it my best shot.

I feel confident in the analysis I conducted on this trade and I have set up appropriate take-profits and Stop-loss to ensure that the trade has appropriate risk management.

This new business idea is risky and has never been done before. If it fails the most important this is that we take as much valuable information as possible to be able to reflect and adjust for the future.

If you have doubt about what you are capable of, know that before you can do something great you need to get uncomfortable first. Then you need to take focused intentional action towards the results you desire.

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