Inside the New $9.45M Embraer Air Ambulance

Inside the New $9.45M Embraer Air Ambulance The New Phenom 300MED is a unique one of a kind Medevac Solution custom configurations from the Phenom 300 series aircraft launched by Embraer (ERJ). The aircraft was completed through a partnership with Umlaut and Aerolite. After much testing and calibration, the aircraft is now prepared to service. … Continue reading Inside the New $9.45M Embraer Air Ambulance

TBM 940 Providing Peak Performance

Aircraft Highlights: 5 Year/1,000Hr, Extended Warranty & Care Maintenance Program330-knot Cruise31,000-ft. Reached in 18 Minutes, 45 SecondsAuto ThrottleAutomatic Ice Detection and Activation Daher Essential Guide TBM 940 2019 TBM 940 brochure Elegant Design The TBM 940 is gorgeous aircraft with incredible capabilities. The aircraft is one of the largest in the class of aircraft created … Continue reading TBM 940 Providing Peak Performance