A Curated Collection of Aerospace Market Research

Our team in collaboration with Augmented Intelligent (AI) software analyzes the financial markets and conducts research on the latest in the aerospace industry. From new technology, emerging markets, global events, to earnings reports on all things related to the aerospace industry.

Our Research covers publicly traded: Airlines, Defense, Aerospace, Financial Services, Freight Forwarders and Technology companies.

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Mobile Chart Updates

Having Access to Technical Charts guides price points and helps determine higher probability entries and exits from a visual perspective. Everyone learns in a different manner and for many having high quality trading charts is key for earning consistent returns


Interactive Webinars


Ask questions, take notes and engage with others traders in a virtual trading session. Our Interactive webinars are great opportunities for individuals to gain updates on any news events, uptick in trading volume, and live trade ideas.

Having a support of other investors can make all the difference. The journey alone can be a long one. You may run into mistakes that could have been avoided with the help of an experienced trader. Its time you started enhancing your skills by joining the right team.

Investors Community


Our network is built by industry professional both experienced and as well those just starting their journey. The combination of both skilled and advancing investors creates a rich environment of innovation and capital.

Tip Sheets and Guides


With so much to keep track of we created Tip Sheets and Guides to make your trading execution consistent . Using tested strategies to create a system that covers the core elements to being able to make a decision. No more guessing what comes next.

As new advances are made in technology and greater resources become available, our team is dedicated towards sourcing the products and tools that are going to best fit your needs.

Navigating the markets with the rights tools can make all the difference. Air Market Pro is your only preferred aviation market experts.

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Industry Expertise

Sourcing information and data directly from the industry leaders. The aviation industry requires understanding of various metrics and variables. Combining an an understanding of fundamentals with technical.

Community Focused

Learning in teams and working together can help build skills quicker and increase retention rate of the information. Our system focuses on bringing people together to achieve a common goal.

Metric Driven

Data, information and quantitative information is the root of our strategy in the market. Our ideas are focused on maximizing the frequency of high probability outcomes. While minimizing the exposure to high probability, high risk situations.

Top-notch Quality Control

Cross-referencing information helps to prevent avoidable mistakes. Ensuring that quality is the priority and only one. Mistakes can be costly and we would prefer to mitigate those as much as possible.

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