Learn to Trade

Learn to Trade

Today more individuals are educating themselves in how to be able to take control of their wealth using the internet than ever before. Using the skills and networks of other individuals to best execute on proper investments will determine your success.

90% of Success Comes From Just Showing Up

Hi, I’m Hakar. Previously a Cook for a small bar in South Florida, I have been able to learn how to trade by being consistent in showing up. Over the past 4 years in learning how to invest I have had the the success to gain the necessary time freedom to pursue my passion in aviation.

Technologies Benefits to Investing

With the advances that technology has made over the last decade information and knowledge has been spread at exponential rates globally. You and I are able to access valuable information that was once kept locked up in wall street, from our cell-phones at a lightning speeds.

Investing in different markets can be extremely confusing and difficult at first. With the right network and support one can be strategic and optimize their trading ability to be able to see incredible results. Understanding the tools that are available for use with advancing technologies provides a cutting edge unlike ever before.

Fill out the blanks below to receive access to a free 1 hour webinar hosted by the CEO of an International Trading Academy. Where he will cover the basics on how to get started in trading the Foreign Exchange Market and set you up with some trades for the week.

Foreign Exchange Market

Master Academy

The Market does not care who you are or where you came from. The market rewards those who respect it.

Intro to Options

E-Book on the basics of Options Trading (24 Pages) - Learn the difference between call and put options - Identify Bearish and Bullish Options strategies - Understand the elements of an Option - Gain information on determining what strategy to use - Candlestick chart cheat-sheet - Options Key Terms and phrases - Includes Free 30 Min 1 on 1 training - Includes access to private investors chatroom


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As a disclaimer all trade ideas are for education purposes and not meant to be used as financial advise. All investing involve risks, including loss of principal. Past performances do not guarantee future results or success. Stock and Forex markets are volatile and can decline significantly in response to adverse regulatory, market, economic development. Asset allocation and diversification do not eliminate risk. All Content is used for illustrative purposes and for educational use only.

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