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Never Rush the Deal

Let’s talk about how we can develop patience in the market to not rush our trading process. In this post I am going to cover how you can best prepare yourself to never feel rushed into a trade. The fear of missing out on a investment can often lead to rushing into a deal too … Continue reading Never Rush the Deal

Stock Investing in 2020

Getting Started Starting a new trading year can always bring in uncertainty in investors. With the year 2020 just a few weeks away many have already made the appropriate preparations towards the next year. Taking some time off the market during the last few weeks of the year is common in many investors as they … Continue reading Stock Investing in 2020

Mesa Air Group Stock Up 28.6%!

Who is Mesa Air Group? Mesa Air Group, INC (NYSE: MESA) is a holding company which primary subsidiaries operate regional air carrier services for various airlines in the United States and Canada. Chances are you have flown on a Mesa Air Group own Aircraft and you didn’t even know it. Mesa Air Group does not … Continue reading Mesa Air Group Stock Up 28.6%!

What is Intrinsic Value?

Hey! Here at AMG we focus on best providing for our clients with honesty and clear information. New investors can often be confused with terminology and phrases that are thrown around in the market. Today we are going to look at what Intrinsic value is and how it can affect the financial markets. If you … Continue reading What is Intrinsic Value?

Getting Back to the Market

Monday morning and the market is off to a strong push to the upside right on the open of the bell. Form last week we saw some mixed days with an overall bullish week as the NYSE: DJI closed higher by 1.0%. In the start of the day we are seeing a push near .80% … Continue reading Getting Back to the Market

What Happened To Uber’s Stock?

We have not heard too much lately on Uber. They are a big player still in the technology industry with their development of new drone systems that they are testing in various locations such as New York. The application for their technology is certainly tangible for use in many sectors and so I made a … Continue reading What Happened To Uber’s Stock?

Recovering after Todays Drop

Today the market gave us a wild roller-coaster to ride on. We started the day with some news and headlines that push the market down before lunchtime even had the chance to come around. Near the start of the day, losses came close to about 2% until we hit a support and held our place … Continue reading Recovering after Todays Drop

Starting the Trade Week

Good Morning and welcome back from after the weekend! I hope that you had a great time enjoying some time off. I used to hate the weekends not being able to trade the market. I had to force myself to find new creative things to do instead of mark up charts and read headlines. Now … Continue reading Starting the Trade Week

Turbulence in the Market

Ladies and Gentleman, please find your seat and fasten your seatbelts as this current market that we are trading within is subject to bring some turbulence. We ask you to please keep your stops tight and secure any profits that you can when available. Failure to take proper precautions in the current market condition can … Continue reading Turbulence in the Market

Pressure Rises for the Dow Jones

The United States stock market has been feeling pressure from both sides. Imagine that the stock market is a can of soda that is right now being shaken by both President Trump, Chairman Powell and a few other individuals with large twitter followings. The media has really been pressuring certain ideas and opinions in the … Continue reading Pressure Rises for the Dow Jones

Trading the Opening Bell

As the morning kicks off we notice many mixed emotions in the market. Early morning Pre-Market reports shows stocks pushing to new highs an to higher levels in the morning. Various news articles can be seen in various publication website signaling a strong morning to start the day. Many investors stood by to see the … Continue reading Trading the Opening Bell

The Super Mario Effect

Remember back as a kid, playing Super Mario on your Super Nintendo for hours on end trying to beat the same level. You would go through the levels jumping over all the Goomba and dodging fireballs. As you were going through the map suddenly a giant canon fires off fand knocks you through one of … Continue reading The Super Mario Effect

How To Maximize your Reward While Managing your Risk.

Investing of any kind contains potential risk . There are no investment options that exist currently which contain absolutely no risk potential. Although be advised there are various trade strategies that can be learned that have the potential of becoming risk free trades with time. Without this kind of knowledge getting started can be very … Continue reading How To Maximize your Reward While Managing your Risk.

Leveraging Technology to Invest

Investing was not something that my parents spoke to me about as I was a kid growing up. Investing was always noted as a risky and costly process that would involve requiring special relationship and insight on companies that would provide with you specific knowledge to be able to essentially be ahead of the curve … Continue reading Leveraging Technology to Invest

Art of Passive Investment

The technology that is not available with our phones in our pockets is incredibly advanced to that which was available just a few years back. The amount of data and information that the general public now has access to is beyond what was ever accessible. With the plethora of information being spread at rates which … Continue reading Art of Passive Investment

Fortified Morning Routine

Only you know what kind of morning routine is going to work best for you. Personally I really value the first hour of my day and overtime I have come to understand the importance of really taking control and doing key tasks in the first part of your day to ensure the rest of the … Continue reading Fortified Morning Routine