Aircraft Appraisals

Aircraft Appraisals

Obtaining reliable information regarding your aircraft is essential in the procedure of an aircraft transaction. The true value of the aircraft can only be determined based on the current condition of the aircraft.

Based on the condition of the aircraft and the urgency to sell determining a price point is going to be a critical. Our aircraft Appraisal services uses the resources of various tools and equipment to best determine the value. We work towards providing clear breakdown of all expenses and costs associated to best provide to the interested client.

Airframe age, Engine TT, Avionics, Upgrades, Interiors are all taken into consideration when developing an appraisal value.

What’s My Plane Worth?

Reach out to our team to set up an appraisal. There are a lot of details and information required to be able to appropriately determine the cost and we will need to obtain a great deal of information to be able to do so accurately.

Determining the value of your aircraft is going to be the first step in the Brokerage process. Email us at to set up your aircraft appraisal or give us a call!

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