Aircraft Sales and Acquisitions

When you list with Air Market Group we pay for the marketing on the local, national, and international levels. This includes our own database of Brokers, buyers, and potential buyers.

We handle all the emails, phone calls, negotiations, and documents needed for the purchase and closing of your desired aircraft. We have a network of relationships with several aviation insurers, financing companies, and escrow companies that can assist along the process as we close on a deal.

Purchasing or selling an aircraft takes having the right resources and a plan in place.

Going into the market without a clear vision of what you are asking for will end with you overpaying and leaving you dissatisfied, or potentially selling short.

Let us handle all the work from start to finish and you can choose to be involved in the process all the way or not at all. The choice is yours.

Personalized Service

Air Market Group takes pleasure in serving individuals and companies with the next step. We understand every situation is different so we want to hear from you to see how we can best use our services to provide for you.

Air Market Group is dedicated to ensuring the quality of all documentation is verified for your protection. Not having the right paperwork can result in potential issues down the line.

Using the resources of our team can provide you with peace of mind in the process of selling your aircraft.

You could try your best to sell the aircraft yourself although keep in mind you will be held responsible for any expenses you collect along the search for a buyer.

Not to mention the longer the aircraft is parked not being used sitting on the last page for a listing on a website collecting rust, it continues to depreciate in value. Our objective is to be able to sell your aircraft as fast as possible to prevent loss in market value.

We take the time to inspect and determine the proper market value for your aircraft and determine what your best plan will be moving forward. We can come out and meet you at your aircraft to best evaluate the conditions. We strive to remain completely transparent throughout the entire process to guide you through every step along the way.

Broker Services

No need to move the aircraft or relocate. We make arrangements to visit the aircraft. We will collect the necessary information and take high-quality photos. Having this info will aid in the quick selling process.

It is important that you assist us by providing us with as much information as possible that will aid with the selling process.

We will begin to work immediately on preparing the proper documents and details to provide the potential buyers with the proper information for them to make an educated decision.

We understand your time is valuable, so when you request our service our team gets right to work.

To be able to conduct the proper research to obtain data we do charge a nonrefundable deposit.

You will be provided a copy of all documentation and photos for your own personal use. These documents can be used to aid the process in attracting potential buyers. The deposit is credited towards the aircraft broker fee.

Services include:

  • Research history of aircraft
  • Review logs/documentation
  • Travel to visit aircraft
  • Visually inspect Aircraft
  • Take Digital Photos for listing
  • Review repairs and modifications
  • Provide an NAAA & VREF appraisal if requested
  • Prepare Comps for the buyer
  • Help with arranging the Ferry of aircraft.
  • Assist with negotiating
  • Providing advertising and marketing for aircraft.

Acquisition Services

As your personal buyer, my goal is to have you leave satisfied with making one of the best investments in your life. The freedom that comes with owning your aircraft is worth every penny. We will best represent you by:

  • Visit to find out more about what you are looking for
  • Create a list of options that will best fit your needs
  • Research history and documentation of aircraft
  • Collect digital photos of potential options
  • Review the value of aircraft
  • Make potential offers and bargain with the seller
  • Best represent buyers in saving them their money
  • Prepare paperwork and documentation for purchasing
  • Assist in arranging a pre-purchase inspection by a qualified mechanic
  • Assist in the Ferry process to the home base
  • Arrange for Aircraft appraisal by NAAA or VREF

Our goal is to get you in an aircraft as soon as possible. Starting the search for your desired aircraft we aim to find exactly what you are looking for.

Our network provides us access to a wide array of aircraft including but not limited to: Piper, Cessna, Beechcraft, Cirrus, Mooney, Light-Sport Aircraft, Bell, and more.

We always suggest a pre-buy inspection which can be conducted by one of our mechanics or a mechanic of your choice.

Broker Fees

We focus on creating a plan that best equips us to be able to serve our customers with the highest quality of service while also ensuring they are receiving a great deal. Our rates are:

  • 7-10% – Aircraft under $300,000
  • 5-7% – Aircraft between $300K – $1m
  • 3-5% – Aircraft between $1m – $m
  • .05-2% – Aircraft over $10m

For any aircraft with a damage history an additional 1% fee with be added. Fees do not include any additional expenses.

With every client we serve we bring our expertise and full network to the table. We work around the clock until your aircraft is sold. Many sellers decide to use a broker after months of trying to list their aircraft themselves with little results.

Benefits of using an Aircraft Broker.

Why Choose Air Market Group?

We understand you may be looking to just talk to someone and bounce some ideas before spending any money or making any down payments. We understand that 100%.

We want to offer you a free consultation to see if our services can assist.

Please feel welcome to give us a call at any time or fill out the submission box and our team will get back to you via email within 48 hours.

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