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Sep 3st 2020 Updated 8:30 am EST

CompanyPriceChangeChange (%)
AerCap Holdings NV (XNYS:AER) $      29.78 $        0.170.57%
AEROVIRONMENT, INC. (XNAS:AVAV) $      78.40 $       (0.36)-0.46%
AIR LEASE CORPORATION (XNYS:AL) $      31.49 $       (0.10)-0.32%
AIR T, INC. (XNAS:AIRT) $      11.60 $        0.756.91%
ALASKA AIR GROUP, INC. (XNYS:ALK) $      40.47 $        1.323.37%
ALLEGIANT TRAVEL COMPANY (XNAS:ALGT) $    132.56 $        4.013.12%
AMERICAN AIRLINES GROUP INC. (XNAS:AAL) $      13.23 $        0.130.99%
ATLAS AIR WORLDWIDE HOLDINGS, INC. (XNAS:AAWW) $      57.04 $       (0.35)-0.61%
Azul SA (XNYS:AZUL) $      12.94 $        0.171.33%
BANTEC, INC. (OTCM:BANT) $       0.01 $       (0.00)-26.47%
BEST INC. (XNYS:BEST) $       4.19 $       (0.03)-0.71%
THE BOEING COMPANY (XNYS:BA) $    174.78 $        2.681.56%
C.H. ROBINSON WORLDWIDE, INC. (XNAS:CHRW) $      99.67 $        0.450.45%
China Eastern Airlines Corporation Limited (XNYS:CEA) $      20.33 $       (0.08)-0.39%
Copa Holdings SA (XNYS:CPA) $      52.79 $        0.150.29%
CURTISS-WRIGHT CORPORATION (XNYS:CW) $    104.53 $        2.162.11%
DELTA AIR LINES, INC. (XNYS:DAL) $      31.14 $        0.431.40%
Embraer SA (XNYS:ERJ) $       5.57 $       (0.03)-0.54%
FEDEX CORPORATION (XNYS:FDX) $    227.91 $        2.451.09%
FLY LEASING LIMITED (XNYS:FLY) $       7.27 $       (0.10)-1.36%
FORWARD AIR CORPORATION (XNAS:FWRD) $      60.79 $        0.971.62%
GENERAL DYNAMICS CORPORATION (XNYS:GD) $    153.92 $        3.732.48%
Gol Intelligent Airlines Inc. (XNYS:GOL) $       7.04 $        0.101.44%
Southeast Airport Group (XNYS:ASR) $    112.39 $       (3.70)-3.19%
HAWAIIAN HOLDINGS, INC. (XNAS:HA) $      13.84 $        0.503.75%
HEICO CORPORATION (XNYS:HEI) $    114.51 $        2.532.26%
HONEYWELL INTERNATIONAL INC. (XNYS:HON) $    172.47 $        4.502.68%
HOWMET AEROSPACE INC. (XNYS:HWM) $      18.34 $        0.804.56%
JETBLUE AIRWAYS CORPORATION (XNAS:JBLU) $      11.68 $        0.232.01%
LOCKHEED MARTIN CORPORATION (XNYS:LMT) $    398.07 $      11.262.91%
MESA AIR GROUP, INC. (XNAS:MESA) $       3.67 $        0.020.55%
NORTHROP GRUMMAN CORPORATION (XNYS:NOC) $    348.36 $        7.982.34%
RAYTHEON TECHNOLOGIES CORPORATION (XNYS:RTX) $      62.00 $        1.322.18%
SKYWEST, INC. (XNAS:SKYW) $      34.46 $        0.862.56%
SOUTHWEST AIRLINES CO. (XNYS:LUV) $      39.17 $        1.263.32%
SPIRIT AIRLINES, INC. (XNYS:SAVE) $      17.61 $        0.020.11%
TEXTRON INC. (XNYS:TXT) $      40.61 $        1.213.07%
UNITED AIRLINES HOLDINGS, INC. (XNAS:UAL) $      36.89 $        0.882.44%
UNITED PARCEL SERVICE, INC. (XNYS:UPS) $    165.78 $        3.131.92%
ZTO Express (Cayman) Inc. (XNYS:ZTO) $      34.59 $       (0.68)-1.93%

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