Making the best of the Pilot Lounge

The pilot lounge is a specially curated space designed specifically for pilots. These lounges can provide an array of amenities to ensure the pilots can remain safe, well-rested, and prepared before their next flight. Although no two lounges will be the same here are a few things that one can find to make the best of their time there.

Free coffee

If a pilot is going to buy from a coffee chain, they will get to pay between $3-$6 for a coffee which is required you to leave the airport or walk through the terminal to get it.

If that same pilot goes to the Pilot Lounge and asks for some coffee, he’s going to get a cup of joe that’s been brewed fresh by the FBO staff—often at no charge.

  • The Pilot Lounge is always open, so pilots are free to stop in for a cup of coffee or tea any time they please.
  • In addition to being fresh, Pilot Lounge coffee is often better than what one can find at many restaurants and diners. The FBO staff pride themselves on having excellent taste in java and they’re happy to accommodate special requests.

Flight planning area with WSI weather, Jeppesen Charts, Flight Guide publications, and Internet access

WSI weather and Jeppesen Charts are two examples of how the Pilot Lounge has you covered when it comes to flight planning. WSI provides real-time weather information, including high-resolution radar and satellite images. This allows you to see storm development about an hour before it happens, so you can plan your flights around thunderstorms, ice storms, or other dangerous situations.

Jeppesen Charts include Terminal Procedures Publications (approach plates), enroute charts, and instrument procedure charts. These charts help guide airplanes in flight by telling pilots where they can safely fly their aircraft at specific altitudes. Flight Guide publishes FAA Airports Facility Directory (A/FD) and Airport/Facility Directory (AFD) content on CD-ROMs that contain hundreds of airports, airways, VORs, intersections, and NAVAIDs.

The A/FD is a pilot’s preflight reference for planning trips into United States airports with detailed information on runways, communications frequencies, and airport services such as fuel prices and courtesy cars available at most airports in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico.

It is important for pilots to have all the necessary information readily available to ensure that they are making safe decisions while flying passengers across the sky from one destination to another.

Comfortable seating area

Now that you’ve been provided with a brief introduction to the Pilot Lounge, it’s time to explore the various amenities available there. And believe me, there are many.

The first thing you’ll notice about the lounge is its quiet environment. The comfortable chairs and sofas provide a relaxing place to sit back and catch up on reading or TV shows via satellite programming. There is plenty of reading material available as well. The lounge has an expansive library containing books on a wide variety of topics, including fiction, poetry, history, and travel guides. I highly recommend checking it out after lunchtime!

Big Screen TV with satellite programming

The Pilot Lounge’s television offers a satellite package with all the premium channels (including the sports packages). The TV is large and easy to see from anywhere in the room, and it offers crystal clear sound. Headphones are available for those who prefer their movie or news program without blasts of sound at irregular intervals.

Enjoy watching your favorite shows and movies on this large, easy-to-operate TV.

Pilot Shop

The Pilot Shop is a phenomenal feature that provides a wide selection of pilot supplies, books, gifts, and more. Depending on which airport you are stopping by, there may be items specific to that area. It would be a great opportunity to also grab some necessary supplies that could be needed on the next leg of the flight.

The Pilot Lounge has everything you need to relax and get ready for your flight!

The Pilot Lounge has everything you want for takeoff and landing. Take in the ambiance, and enjoy your trip. Keep in mind that the amenities vary depending on the airport. Most importantly it’s important to be grateful for those perks that come along with being a pilot. Be respectful of the space regardless of what airport you are visiting. Be sure to leave the space looking nicer than how you found it so that it can be also enjoyed by the next pilot to walk in.

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