How to best highlight aircraft features

When someone is interested in buying an aircraft, the decision is left until enough information has been reviewed to be able to make an informed decision based on their individual circumstances. The buyer has to be aware of the subtle differences between aircraft models and their respective features, as well as the pros and cons of the aircraft.

The buyer needs to be sure they are fully confident in their decision. To best guide the process it’s really important to focus the attention on the items which hold significant value. These points don’t mean you can’t get the sale, but it does mean it becomes more intricate.

Let us take the perspective of selling the aircraft.

First thing you do: Collect all of the necessary data and media that you are going to need. LogBooks and maintenance logs. Any supporting paperwork and manuals. Obtain an appraisal on the aircraft for the condition to determine a fair market value. Get the aircraft detailed and ready for taking photos and videos.

The second thing you do: Make sure your advertisement includes rich detail—big images with clear descriptions and videos that show off how awesome your aircraft looks and performs above all else. There should be no confusion about the aircraft. Anyone who sees the information will know exactly what they are buying and why this is a good deal for them.

There should be enough information to make the buyer interested to continue the conversation and be optimistic about the deal that is available.

Using creative photography and video.

Photography and video are a great way to show off aircraft features, performance, and versatility. It’s easy to put together a collection of professionally produced shots of your aircraft in action.

  • Use creative photography and video. Sample different styles using high-angle photography from tall buildings or cranes and low-angle photography that can make even small planes look imposing. Use creative angles, perspective, and shots that capture the spirit of your aircraft. Make sure you work with a photographer who understands how to use light creatively for the best results.
  • Keep things consistent in terms of style, angle, color scheme, etc. If you’re showcasing several different aircraft at once (say on your website or in a printed catalog), keep their presentation consistent for best results using similar themes across each model’s set of images (for example side point-of-view shot against an evening sky).
  • Show off performance features! The more active your photographs are (showing planes taking off or landing rather than just parked on the ground), the better they’ll be at getting potential buyers’ attention!

Use high-quality images.

One of the most important things to keep in mind when you’re listing an aircraft for sale is that potential buyers will be looking at images and videos of the plane. If they can’t see what they want to see, they’ll move on to another listing. For this reason, you need to spend some time taking the best photos and videos of your aircraft.

Make sure you capture everything your buyer might want to see—the aircraft’s engine, its interior, and every key feature that makes it different from other models. Keep in mind that it’s hard for a potential buyer who has never seen the plane before to know whether there are any issues with it if they can’t see them up close.

Do not be afraid to get down and under the belly to really show some of those angles that may often get missed in the “glamour shots”. Buyers are wanting to see these aspects and having the photos or videos already prepared displays that you are being transparent and honest.

Be honest about the aircraft’s history.

With that being said keep in mind that the aircraft is not perfect and will have some issues. However, the key to a successful sale is to be honest about these issues so there are no surprises during negotiations.

Mention what you know about the aircraft’s history, including how well it’s been maintained and if there have been any major events, such as an accident or hard landing. Be upfront with potential buyers and make sure they understand that the aircraft is AS ADVERTISED AND DESCRIBED.

If there is any unique information that can be provided directly from the pilot or the primary aircraft mechanic who has been servicing the aircraft that would be of benefit to know. It is possible that some items never make it to the logbooks on some general aviation aircraft so be sure to have these conversations ahead of time.

Create a 3D walkthrough of the aircraft.

A 3D walkthrough is an incredibly valuable tool for highlighting the features of an aircraft. It allows potential buyers to imagine themselves in the aircraft, rather than just looking at pictures. This creates a much more memorable listing and generates interest in your product.

3D walkthroughs are especially important when a buyer can’t physically inspect the aircraft before making a decision to purchase, such as during a pandemic. A detailed presentation of all areas allows them to make their decision with confidence, even if they can’t see them in person.

Many aircraft transactions now occur primarily over the exchange of emails, phone calls, and even text messages. As business is now done on a global scale 24/7 the use of digital mediums expands the potential reach of your marketing.

Using a 3D walkthrough of the aircraft is a modern method that is being used more frequently now within the market and is showing to receive incredible feedback from clients. Being able to completely immerse yourself in the environment is a factor that can greatly influence the decision.

Use leverage to obtain faster results

It’s important to direct attention to your aircraft’s best features and make them stand out. This will help show how well-maintained your aircraft is, making it more desirable, valuable, and prestigious.

To be able to capture all of this media, curate it all together in a presentable manner, and then proceed to distribute it out through various channels efficiently can take a team.

Certainly one could accomplish all of these items on their own although it will take up a great deal of learning, researching, and time that you might not have readily able to give. This is where you can greatly benefit from using our team to handle the marketing for you.

We have the resources in place to ensure your next aircraft transaction runs smoothly and quickly. It’s time you leverage the support of Air Market Group to help you, so you can get back to flying.

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