Design the airplane of your dream

Design the airplane of your dream

You are searching through the listing trying your best to find an airplane on the market that fits your taste in style, budget and mission all at the same time and you are finding that the task is one much more complex than anticipated.

There are various sites all with contrasting information on what the standards should be and what you should look for in a plane. Then when you go to buying a used aircraft, it is often still left with the presence of the previous owner with some minor adjustments or modifications made that can seem out of place to you.

The process of trying to search through the hundreds of aircraft listings in hopes of finding a frame that fits your perfect idea of your airplane is like finding a needle in a haystack.

We are here to talk about the benefits of what designing your own airplane provide. Designing your own airplane is something becoming more popular now in the general aviation industry as older airframes with low hours are still in high demand by aviators around the world.

Considering that many of these aircraft could have been sitting on an airstrip left out in the weather there tends to be some work required to bring the airplanes back to its prime conditions. With just a few hours of labor the plane is ready to start flying again and essentially start a new life again with its new owners.

Designing an aircraft bring the new owner the complete experience of ownership. They are able to take part in the decision making process of the interior, exterior, avionics and more making their aircraft one of a kind. In terms of resale value, many one of a kind designed aircraft tend to sell faster as it shows their owner took care of their airplane and valued it greatly. Making designer aircraft not only a move that could be more financially feasible considering the resale value will hold longer.

There is no one right airplane for everyone

Considering no two pilots are the same, its important that you as a future airplane owner decide what you love and also what you may not want included in your airplane. Many pilots are firm on having the classic 6-pack dashboard with your standard avionics that is standard to the industry. Newer younger pilots may be more drawn towards the glass-cockpits which redisplay the flight information in a digital format.

When designing an airplane there are two different main approaches one can take. The first is talking directly with the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and working with their team on designing a brand new aircraft straight off the production line. Companies such as Embraer and Cessna allow customers to begin the design process on their websites giving clients the ability to combine different interiors and technology upgrades.

Nothing saying that one version is better than the next but more so what is going to be more comfortable for the pilot flying. These features although may seem as just cosmetics to the average consumer can make a huge impact on the safety of the flight and are important to keep in mind when finding the right plane for you.

This process gives the new owner a brand new aircraft with top of the line original upgrades for premium prices. Many OEM’s charge significant service fees for making these type of upgrades directly upon production of the new airplane. Some benefits with buying a brand new airplane include some pilot training. Although many would love to purchase a new airplane directly from the OEM, few are able to afford it.

The approach more commonly taken by aviators looking to design the aircraft of their dream without having to hit the lotto first is by purchasing an older model with great airframe and engine history. Older aircraft that have been well maintained-hangared and flown often continue to perform well and safely in the skies today. Although some cosmetic features such as paint, seats, or headboards can tend to wear and tear over time, these are easy fixes which can be done at a trusted maintenance facility which specializes in restorations and repairs.

Don’t paralyze yourself by searching endlessly for an aircraft that fits all of your needs.

A more common trend that is picking up in the community is taking an older airframe such as a Piper Cherokee 6 which is reliable and cost efficient, and equipping the interior with modern and upgraded avionics, adding a livery that brings life to the sky and an interior that is comfortable and stylish. A used aircraft can often be acquired at a discounted rate if there are many cosmetic features needing

Size matters 

The last thing we want is for you to go through all the time and process of buying an airplane just to find out 6 months down the line that your snowboard doesn’t fit in the cabin. Size matters when it comes to purchasing an aircraft of your own. You will hear in the industry the question of “what is your mission” which is helps to determine what the purpose of the airplane will be. Once a better understanding of the reasons that the airplane will be used for flight then one can determine what is going to be an appropriate sized airplane.

In terms of size its important to understand the weight of the aircraft and also the size of the fuel tanks. These are all factors which play a part in the pilots day to day procedures when operating the aircraft and ensuring the these factors align with your reasons for owning the plane then it will be a great fit for you. Some larger aircraft may require specific certifications granting the pilot ability to operate the aircraft. This can be done in simulator training facilities such as Flight Safety International.

Some smaller jets can be operated with a single pilot making them great assets for airplanes where the owner is also the operator. These often have a range of around 4-6 seats in the cabin making them comfortable aircraft with incredible speed and range. These can range anywhere between the $1-$5 million depending on age, manufacturer, and if there are any upgrades installed.

Your time is priceless

Since the dawn of aviation the greatest benefit that has come with learning to navigate the skies is the savings of time. Aviation has broken speed records that many land vehicles can not even compete with. Private aviation has allowed individuals and corporates to travel on-demand. With various options and methods for accessing private aircraft this allows for those willing to pay the price responsive and rapid transportation services when required.

For individuals or companies who choose to own their own aircraft, they now experience a new sense of ownership and freedom with their time. No longer confined by the proximity of their home, a pilot who owns their proper airplane has the freedom to define their own schedule with no limitations. Should there be a desire to change destination there are no procedures to follow or permissions to request. One can decide upon their own free will and that freedom is one that many pilots would never trade away.

Your time is priceless. Many individuals spend thousands of hours waiting at airports, waiting for trains, sitting in traffic that years of their lives can be lost cumulatively. Aviation allows for individuals to use their time more efficiently traveling directly to their destination using a wider range of available airports, instead of being limited to only the airports which received commercial airline service.

Be open to the different options that the market has to offer.

If you are struggling and spending hours on the market searching for your perfect airplane, then I may have a solution for you that saves you time, headaches, and ensures that you fly away with the plane of your dreams. Take part in designing the perfect airplane for you.

Sometimes the perfect airplane for you is so hard to find because it doesn’t exist out there! With so many airplane on sale in the market today finding a great airframe at a low value is something our team is fully capable of assisting with using our software designed specifically for scanning the market.

Once the perfect airframe is found then we can get to work on creating to ideal airplane for you. No unnecessary features from the “previous owner”. No more having old and outdated interior. Time for you to create the plane of your dreams. Our team works closely with an airplane restoration and repair facility and has over 25 years of experience in providing customers with safe and reliable aviation maintenance.

Take part in designing the perfect airplane for you.

Creating dreams come true is part of the day to day magic that happens when passionate individuals come together with a common goal of offering affordable and trustworthy services. If after reading this you still rather buy a used airplane and start flying it as is with coffee stains in the seats still from the previous owner then go right ahead. If you decided that bringing life to an airplane with your own unique style built into it is what is going to be the best thing for your future as an airplane owner then our team is here for you to help out along the journey.

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