The Fastest Way to Learn How to Fly

The Fastest Way to Learn How to Fly

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You probably feel the same way that I felt when I first saw the price tag for flying school and thought “How am I ever going to afford that!” With some schools asking for anywhere from $8,000-$15,000 for ground school and flight school just getting started can seem impossible.

If you are interested in getting your pilot’s license quickly and efficiently then please make sure that you pay attention to Bruce Hogan, Certified Flight Instructor, Educator, JAR & FAA Pilot Examiner,

Dear Future Pilot,

If you are reading this letter then it is likely that you have a passion. You have a passion for flying. For the most part people do not sit on the fence when it comes to flying – you either love it or hate it.

Something yearns deep inside of you and calls to take flight. There is nothing quite so exhilarating. Allow me for a minute to indulge in a story…

My name is Bruce ‘Flybook’ Hogan. Flying has always been in my blood.

One thing was certain, I knew from a young age that I was destined to soar the open skies.

Fast forward many years and I did end up following my passions.  I was fortunate enough to get my pilot’s license and eventually ended up with United Airlines.

Now Bruce wants to help you get started on your dreams and career goals with his Online Helicopter & Aircraft flight training system and aviation ground school.

Are you ready to get started? Simply follow the steps below…

Here’s How To Get Started Fast!

With the Private Pilot DVD Training Course, you get…

Actual FAA & JAR exam study pack with 26,000 Q&As, private pilot syllabus tests plus free cheat sheets and study guides!

A complete helicopter and fixed wing private pilot course that consists of manuals, handbooks & ground-school training 

Comprehensive fixed-wing, flex-wing and helicopter pilot tutorial training manuals for JAA, FAA, JAR and CAA pilot training.

 A ground school course with over 2000 illustrated pages of flight training manuals (you will be super-prepared before hitting the skies for your first time!)

 Here’s Some Advice That’ll Save You $2000
On Your Private Pilot Training… 

Here’s the BIG problem: Did you know that most student pilots spend thousands more than they need to and many times become frustrated with flight school owners and inexperienced flight instructors?

Do you know that many people will waste over $2000 when learning to fly because they were not properly guided by their flight instructor?

As a result many times students will not achieve their dream of learning to fly and getting their Private Pilot License because they ran out of money or just flat out got frustrated So what does this mean for you?

Get Your Pilot Training Done In 30 Days!

Well, luckily for you, getting your pilot’s license has become a whole lot easier than it was when I got mine. There really is no excuse for not following your dream.

As such, I have spent 4 years to put together a comprehensive training course that will allow you to attain your pilot’s license in 30 days…

Here’s the bottom line: If you have read this far, you only have one question left…

How Much Does This Cost?

Well, what would it be worth to you to get started on the road to your dreams? Truthfully you’d pay hundreds if not thousands of dollars anywhere else for this information.

You should already know that ATP flight schools charge at least $39K (39 thousand!) for flight lessons and groundschool classes. It is *sheer lunacy* to be paying that kind of money!

But here’s a better comparision for you. Take a look at the prices of some other online courses::

  • Kings School – “Get-It-All” Private Pilot DVD Kit – $597
  • Gleim Private Pilot Kit With Online Groundschool – $249.95
  • Jeppesen GFD Private Pilot Kit – $311.95

And here’s the kicker: These course do not even cover 50% of what my Complete Private Pilot course is offering you! Listen, there is no other course in the market as comprehensive as this.

Now for the good news…for a very limited time, you can get the Complete Private Pilot 2-DVD Training Course for…

NOT $673

NOT $397

NOT $297

NOT $197

NOT even $97

Just A Measly ONE-TIME *$37* If You Act Now!

(This is a time-sensitive discount. I’m offering this for a limited time before it closes forever!)

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Here are some testimonials of the students who have completed the course.

Complete Pilot Course Review

Ever since I was a child, I always dreamed of flying. In fact, I even planned on applying for the Air Force in order for me to fly jets. However, I never did get that chance and for many years, my dream of flying never did come true.

I still did want to fly but I didn´t have the money to get extensive formal flying lessons. In fact, I still have a hard time producing enough money every month to pay for rent for my apartment in the city. Now, what more for flying lessons?

I also have a friend who is now a private pilot and has a license for it. After meeting with him, he told me about the Complete Private Pilot Training Course at and he told me that this is where he learned how to fly and how he got his private pilot license.

At first I was really skeptical but I decided to give it a try. Besides, this may be my last chance of learning how to fly a plane or a helicopter for that matter. Once I started learning how to fly using the CompletePilot course I found that flying isn´t all the complicated. Everything in this product was really easy to understand.

From the controls to fly planes and helicopters to knowing how to take off and land, basically everything was thoroughly explained by the instructor. My passion for flying was truly revitalized upon finding out that flying a plane is not that hard to do. I got to know about the basics of flying a plane. The instructor was really a professional. He had a track record of piloting 10 different aircraft that ranged from the small DC-3 to the large Boeing 747 commercial airplane.

I thought the kid inside me was gone forever but thanks to this product, I now got that kid inside of me who love to fly back. I have to admit that I read a lot of instructional books on learning how to fly a plane. However, none of them can really compare to CompletePilot. This product is one of the most complete and comprehensive flight instruction manuals I have ever come across with.

This product has taught me a lot of things that I didn´t even learn on flight school and it really helped me go through my flight instruction course easily. I found the section on exam guides and answers extremely invaluable. Today, I now have my private pilot license and now flying private planes almost every week. This is truly an excellent investment for people who want to learn how to fly and also to pilots who wants to learn more about flying planes and helicopters.

CompletePilot Private Pilot Test Prep Banner

The CompletePilot Training Course is the simplest, easiest, and also the proven way to attain a private pilot license. I truly recommend this product to all people who want to learn how to fly and also to pilots who wants to learn more about aviation. With over 2000 pages of private pilot handbooks, JAR/FAA manuals, test prep and training videos, getting your private pilot license has never been this easy!

Complete Pilot Course Review

CompletePilot is the perfect course to use if you’ve ever wanted to learn how to fly. It will help you get your pilot license very quickly, usually within 10 days, which is terrific. The man behind this course has owned a flight school for more than a decade and he’s got plenty of experience from mentoring flight instructors and training pilots.

This is the perfect course for everyone who would like to get the pilot license quickly and easily. As you’ve probably found out already it can be very expensive to get flying lessons. Of course it’s worth spending money on it if it’s always been a dream of yours, but it’s not worth it when you can get it much cheaper somewhere else, like in this care from CompletePilot.

This is a perfect alternative whether you’re rich or poor since you will get the same knowledge as from another, more expensive course, but you will also have more money left in the bank account when you’ve received your license. You will get help from texts, books, dvd’s and questions and answers to reach your goal and get your license.

It won’t be difficult, not if you’re truly interested in flying, and it won’t be time consuming either. This is the perfect way for you to get your license and to be able to start working in the air. I could tell you hundreds of reasons why you should choose this course but these are the three most important reasons if you ask me.

  • You will get access to more than 2000 illustrated pages with tutorials and handbooks that will teach you everything about helicopters and airplanes.
  • You will get all the help that you need to pass the PPL Ground School Exam and you will be able to go back to the books whenever you feel the need.
  • You will learn from a truly experienced mentor and you will get all the right answers to all the question you might have.

There are so many more reasons that is worth being mentioned here but you will discover them all as soon as you order your own CompletePilot. It will give you the knowledge that you need to get the license that you’ve always wanted and this can be the beginning of something huge.

You should choose to start studying with CompletePilot because it can give you plenty of benefits, such as:

  • More money – You will get great results and knowledge but it won’t cost you half as much as it would if you decided to go to some other course.
  • Help 24/7 – You will be able to get guidance whenever you need it since you will have access to thousands of Q&A’s.

This will make it very easy for you to learn everything you need to know. Start studying with CompletePilot today and become the flyer you’ve always wanted to be within a few weeks!

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