Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo takes first flight from Spaceport America

SpaceshipTwo Unity flying free in the New Mexico Airspace for the first time (Photo: Business Wire)

Virgin Galactic SpaceShipTwo takes first flight from Spaceport America

VSS Unity takes its inaugural solo flight from Spaceport America on May 1st, 2020 in New Mexico. This is a significant milestone in the preparation for commercial service for Virgin Galactic.

In the Flightdeck, Dave Mackay and Cj Sturckow along with the team in Mission Control completed an essential step in the process. The flight test included a take-off and landing, as well as a high-altitude release from the mothership, VMS Eve. Piloting her was Michael Masucci and Kelly Latimer.

The two aircraft conjoined took off from Spaceport America and climbed up to 50,000ft from ground level before release. This was the first successful release of VSS unity and the first time the Unity flew freely within New Mexico. The spaceship was achieved a glide speed of Mach 0.70 as well as various other essential flight tests prior to safely touching down and completing the landing back to his home base.

Preparation for the next flight will now begin, starting with an in depth analysis of today’s flight data.

George Whitesides, CEO of Virgin Galactic and The Spaceship Company said, “I’d like to congratulate our team for reaching this flight milestone, especially during these challenging times. I am grateful for the commitment displayed by everyone involved, not only in helping to support relief efforts in both New Mexico and California, but also for the dedication and creativity which will allow us to continue safely towards our goal of commercial launch.”

Certain protocols within the office and flight line were made to ensure that social distancing guidelines were always maintained during operations where possible. Mask Usage was incorporated through all individuals in work areas. The execution of the test flight was done so safely to ensure the wellness of all staff members are kept at a priority.

“Take your one small step”

Right when opening the home page for Virgin Galactic you are prompted with a bright blue invitation to invite you reserve your seat.

Quoting the famous lines of Neil Armostrong “That’s one step for man..” Virgin Galactic now invites you to take your small step. They had released a select amount of spaceship seats recently and all have sold out with hours of posting. As Virgin looks to add in more projected trips they have started a registration process for those who are interested in taking a commercial flight in the future.

Those who are interested in being able to begin to registration process can pay a fully refundable fee of US$1,000. The fee is used as a down payment towards your future adventure as well will place you on a waiting list to be one of the first to fly out into the limits of our Earth’s atmosphere.

The fully application process and details for the available missions can be found in full on their website.

For commercial application, research and scientific tests, Virgin Galactic has offered its SpaceShipTwo system for research flights. With the ability of carrying six astronauts and the payload equivalent or a combination of the two.

Their suborbital aircraft is fully capable of performing a complete service of flight and retrieval of technology. They own the facilities and services to be able to fully complete a flight which creates them a reliable resource that is a one stop shop for conducting a broad range of scientific experiments.

Technical Analysis

Virgin Galactic Holdings (NYSE: SPCE) experience a sudden spike in trading volume in the start of the year as more attention was being brought to their recently launched IPO. The company surged up over 482% in just under 80 days from December to February.

As their first earnings report came out and many investors became to see the reality of the numbers regarding a space company that is in testing still and has still to generate consistent income and cash flow. At the same time the market as a whole was seeing a significant sell off which resulted in SPCE loosing 78% of their gains in under a month.

Now as price has shown to stabalize a bit from the market correction we are seeing a sideways bullish channel start to develop from the all time lows. As price continues to trade within the trend lines this gives us a good understanding of where price is currently heading based on the momentum of the current price.

With their first quarter earnings report coming out this next coming week we should not see too dramatic of a change in their earnings from last quarter. They are not directly in contact with the public as many of the commercial airlines and their business model is more in the research and development stage still.

As trading volume continues to remain high this provides for a great environment for there to be strong directional moves on the stock. With many large institutions having already added positions in Virgin Galactic looking to see if ratings by analyst go up would be a strong signally factor that consumers are feeling more confident about space travel and the application that it can provide for the world.

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