TBM 940 Providing Peak Performance

Aircraft Highlights:

  • 5 Year/1,000Hr, Extended Warranty & Care Maintenance Program
  • 330-knot Cruise
  • 31,000-ft. Reached in 18 Minutes, 45 Seconds
  • Auto Throttle
  • Automatic Ice Detection and Activation

Elegant Design

The TBM 940 is gorgeous aircraft with incredible capabilities. The aircraft is one of the largest in the class of aircraft created by Daher. The TBM 700 became the first pressurized single-engine Turboprop that was certified in 1990. This aircraft paved the way for what we know today to be the TBM 940.

To begin the ramp presence of the aircraft is inviting and yet functional. You can understand the purpose being the design of the aircraft. With the larger door in the rear with functions for cargo capabilities when required. The cockpit has its own doors to allow for the crew to enter and exit the aircraft without disturbing the guest in the cabin during pre-flight checks.

Carbon Fiber engine cowlings and winglets improve performance without adding much weight. Anti-corrosion protection treatment to all surfaces as well as a retractable gear with electrohydraulic actuation.

The cabin allows for pressurization for all 6 seats and the baggage compartment. In the process of pressurization the cabin is also sound proof and thermal insulated. For storage compartment which is not pressurized is lockable for security.

Access doors allow for maintenance personal to be able to quickly asses to source of the issues and take corrective action. Gaseous oxygen systems for 6 seats and available in quick donning masks with Smart Mike for pilot and copilot.

Inside the cabin leather upper cabin panels and lower cabin pannels compliment the woold carpetting. Individual fresh-air venters and readinglights are available for every seat. Equiped with the Environment system with engine driven air-conditioning system you can be sure the qulity of the air your are breathing is proper.

Peak Performance

The single Turbo Prop engine is capable of reaching 330 KTAS at max cruise speed at around 28,000 FT. With a certified ceiling of 31,000 Ft it is able to reach this high in just under 20 min.

This means that no matter the weather condition you are going to be able to operate this aircraft quickly and safely to altitude clear above the clouds and out to your destination.

The Take off Runway distance (ISA conditions, MTOW, no wind, 50 ft obstacle clearance) is 2,380 ft and the landing distance is 2,430 ft. The powerplant is a P&W Canada PT6A-66D Turboprop which produces nominal power of 850 shp. With a maximum range of 1,730 Nautical mailes the TBM 940 is able to fly Florida to Colorado in a full tank.

The engine has Anti-icing inlet with internal separator without operational limitation. Dual engine chip metal detector with indication on flight display. and Flight Data Acquisition storage and transmission system (FAST) from an app.

The 2-foot high winglets will immediately become the signature of the TBM 940. Coupled with aerodynamic improvements to the ailerons, vertical stabilizer and new inner gear doors, these winglets significantly reduce drag while improving handling at low speeds and high angles of attack.


The propeller is fully composite and electrically de-iced. The five bladed Hartzell has a polished spinner cone in the center. The aircraft has one structural fuel tank per wing.

Unmatched Value

The TBM 940 has a wide range of applications. The interior options provide comfort and elegance that allows one to optimize their time in-flight. The aircraft key features are some of the modernized and reliable avionics on board the aircraft.

The company is strongly focused on providing consistent maintenance programs that keep their aircraft flying for long periods of time. Brand New standard equipment 2019 models are currently going for retail price of $ 4,133,500.

The Max capacity of 6 passengers and 1,400 lbs of max payload allows for the aircraft to have a lot of useful space in flight. The aircraft provides reliable solutions both economically and safely.

The element that stood out the most to use was the use of Me & My TBM app. Directly from the essential guide we can see how revolutionary the application is for pilots. They are now able to receive updates directly to their mobile device during ever step of the flight.

As they monitor the progress it will allow them to find new ways to help improve the performance of their aircraft and reduce stress on the engine. Which in turn taking proactive measures will save you time and funds in the long run as compared to reactive work.

Looking to potentially add a TBM to your personal or company fleet? Reach out to us and we would be happy to answer any other questions you may have about the TBM 940.

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