The Learjet 75 Liberty

Executive Luxury

Bombardier has design an aircraft that certainly grabs the attention of those walking by the tarmac. The Learjet 75 Liberty is a gorgeous aircraft which has redefined the well loved and and very popular Learjet.

French Aircraft Manufacture partnered up with some American designers and engineers to increase the efficiency and comfort that the Learjet can provide. With a increase range of 2,080 NM the aircraft now is capable of providing service on longer routes.

The design in the wings allows for less turbulence during the flight. This results in a smoother flight during take off, landing and low during climbs in lower altitudes. The designs of wings being swept back and the winglets create an experience that is noticeable smoother.

The cabin has been slightly redesigned to create a forward cabin two-seat Executive Suite which allows for extended leg room and a cabin designed for productivity. Conducting meetings, reading a book or maybe getting some rest before a long day ahead inside with the engines running at cruising altitudes is perfectly capable as the Learjet’s cabin is extremely quite and comfortable.

Check out this short video highlighting some of the key factors about the aircraft.

Safety First

The Learjet is designed for safety from nose to tail as every aspect of the aircraft is designed towards enhancing the quality experience of not just the guest on-board but also the pilot in command.

The Learjet Aircraft provides some of the latest technology in integrating advanced avionics systems in the cockpit. The idea is to reduce the manual workload of the pilot and allow them to be more present in maintaining smooth and safe operations.

The Bombardier Vision Flight Deck

Taking a first look at the cockpit you feel a sense of organization and symmetry. You can clearly see the main panels and display areas. The glass does not glare easily and the comfort of the seats provide incredible ease to the pilot at work.

The Bombardier Vision flight deck features a Synthetic Vision System, enhanced ergonomics, and advanced controls to reduce pilot workload. Features include:

  • Garmin G5000 avionics suite
  • Synthetic Vision System (SVS)
  • Triple integrated FMS with graphical flight planning

Part 25 certified

Bombardier team has made it clear that safety is the highest priority in all their aircraft ranging from the incredible CRJ line of aircraft to the Bombardier 7500 Global down to the Learjet 75 Liberty. This means that the same safety and testing that their larger aircraft undergo is the same testing and safety standards that are placed on their smaller aircraft.

This means you can fly with the comfort and peace of mind knowing the aircraft has more baseline equipment than many of the competitors in the same weight and size class. This creates a product that is certified to be safer than many other in the same class.

The main landing gear uses dual wheel configurations. This will help reduce wear and tear on the 2 tires between 4 now. This will help drive maintenance cost down per hour as you will be needing to change your tire less frequently. Weight distribution is more balanced allowing for smoother landings from having the confidence of the supported landing gear.

The Learjet 75 Liberty has completely rigorous testing in icing conditions. Both on the ramp and in the air to test the aircraft limitations in the harsh weather conditions. The aircraft has demonstrated the ability to safely fly with ice on the normally protected surfaces, this is a certification level unmatched by aircraft in competition with the Learjet.

Fly more, Spend less

Performance is essential when racing against time. The Learjet provides lower operating cost than competitors in similar class which comes with enhanced efficiency of the engines.

The two Honeywell TFE731-40BR engines provide a powerful climb with takeoff thrust of 3,850 lbf. In addition to the potential of reaching top speeds of 464-knots the engines continue to provide reliable fuel flow during cruising altitudes and speeds.

This aircraft is still currently in testing and has yet to be finally delivered to their customers. As the years go on many old Learjet owners may look to upgrade to the new model. Many current Learjet owners have greatly enjoyed the aircraft and its capabilities.

Seeing how Bombardier has been able to grown and position themselves in the market has been interesting to be a part of. They have performed elegantly with confidence in their products and have allowed for the reactions of the customers to sway new potential buyers towards purchasing a Bombardier aircraft.

Bombardier is one of the largest aircraft manufacturers in Europe and they have a great market presence in the aviation industry. Their desire to provide incredible products has shown once again through the details in the Learjet 75 Liberty. Thank you Bombardier for allowing us to see a model of the aircraft during NBAA 2019.

We look forwards to seeing you at the next major event! Until then Happy trading and fly more!

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