Stock Investing in 2020

Getting Started

Starting a new trading year can always bring in uncertainty in investors. With the year 2020 just a few weeks away many have already made the appropriate preparations towards the next year. Taking some time off the market during the last few weeks of the year is common in many investors as they look forward to spending the holidays with loved ones.

Investing in 2020 will certainly be a unique game to play as there is going to be a lot of news, global economic factors which bring volatility in the market which is a great thing if you are prepared for it.

Traditional buy-and-hold investing will not work well in a volatile market that moves quickly in either direction with no clear directions moves.

Over the last decade we have seen stocks rise at unprecedented rates. This can scare some investors away to not even enter in the fear that the stock market “crashes.” On the other side of the same coin some investors could be excited by the rush of price rising and look to then purchase impulsively based only on emotion. Trading emotion not just in the year 2020 but ever will only result in the a decision potentially being made in poor judgement.

If you are not currently investing in the market or have never traded once in your life 2020 will be a great learning experience.

Opening a Demo Account

If you have never invested a single dollar in the stock market before and are looking to start learning open a Demo account. These are free to open with certain platforms so check with your broker to see if it is available. TD Ameritrade offers Paper Trading for its customers.

This allows individuals to take live trades without the risk of personal capitol. Opening a demo account will give you first hand experience with using the trading platform.

You will learn how to use the software to be able to enter and exit trades. You will learn how to accurately mark your charts for future reference and increase your trading accuracy.

Opening a demo account is the first major step in accelerating your trading and investing journey.

If you need some help in setting up your trading account leave your email info below and I would be happy to reach out and walk you through the set-up.

Studying the Market

Trading is a craft that takes studying and active participation. The process can range in duration depending on the time and attention spent in mastering the craft. Defining what kind of investor you are will help in better understanding what kind of effort and time you need to be setting aside.

If for example you have your full time job, family and friends are just looking to potentially add an additional income stream to support your family or maybe pay for a few extra bills then you may only need to dedicate 1-5 hours a week to the market.

On the other side if you are looking to massively increase your income by developing the skill of investing in the market to the level of it being able to replace your current income then dedicating anywhere between 10-20 hours a week may be more appropriate.

At the end of the day one strategy is no better or worse than than the other. What really matter is understanding what you are looking for and designing a plan that best fits around you.

We understand that everyone has their own goals and aspirations in life and too often these large organization fail to recognize that. They create cookie cutter plans that are generic and not applicable to your personal situations. Air Market Group understand that you are unique in every way and so we want to start our plan with that in mind.

When we work with helping our investors we cater to each individual based on their desired outcomes. For the individual looking to quickly grow their account we can practice naked options, credit spreads, and strategies that are focused on generating income.

For those looking to maintain more consistent growth purchasing options with expiration dates month out or selling cover calls on stocks already owned provide for additional income with minimal risk.

If you do not understand most of what we are describing that is totally okay. This is why we are so passionate to be able to help in increasing your financial literacy in the coming year so you can be better prepared to maximize your capitol while mitigating risk.

If you are trading aviation stocks the best way to stay up to date is by subscribing to our Air Market News. We post weekly on the latest in whats going on in the aviation world. All things covering from General aviation to cargo airlines. Make sure to subscribe below so you can get instant updates on any new trade ideas and stock highlights that we make!

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Game Plan

Let’s start this new year with a strong game plan towards where we plan on going with our investing strategy. The first step we need is a system to where we can be consistent with our investing. Whatever works best for your schedule set it in stone and stick with it.

When you are going to play in a professional sport you hire a coach and join team because you understand that to become a professional you need to be surrounded by other professionals. You need to sharpen your own skills against those who are match if not preferable better than you are.

This is key in expediting the growth process and using the knowledge of other to save yourself from making the same mistakes other have made.

The same principals apply to investors. If you are looking to start investing or maybe enhance on the skills you have already developed I highly encourage you to join our community to where we encourage individuals to engage in highly detailed conversations topics that can provide insight and valuable knowledge. In addition we offer one on one coaching for those looking for the extra push and attention to enhance their trading.

For more information on how you can sign up for our one on one coaching be sure to reach out to one of our instructors. Provide a little bit of background info will help us better determine a strategy that we can use to assist you.

Our object is to create realistic plans for the year 2020 that new traders can use to enter the market and start seeing results before the end of the year. The reality is that it is entirely possible to start learning how to invest today and be in a completely different place that where you are now a year from today.

At the end of the day if you continue to do what you have always done you will continue to have what you always have had.

The only way that your results will change for 2020 is by changing your actions. 2020 is going to be the year that more individuals earn their income from the internet than ever before. We are excited for the change and look forward to being apart of the transition. Trading in the year 2020 is not something you should be scared about.

Key Factors

In the year 2020 we have a lot of major economic factors at play both in the aviation industry and not. Here are just a few of the key factors to keep in mind but this list is far from completion.

  • Trade talks between China and US well at play with potential for resolution in the year to come.
  • The election year for the united states which will greatly impact the market
  • The potential reintroduction of the 737 MAX in to the air. This would be a major event for not just Boeing but also the other carrier which have purchase or made orders of the aircraft.
  • Flight Shaming and Environmental Awareness will play a huge role in the year 2020 as more travelers are looking towards slower more eco-friendly methods of vacationing.

Starting a new trading year is a great way to re-calibrate yourself for success. Take full advantage of all the resources that are available today and make 2020 your best trading year yet. Make sure to sign up for notifications and follow to never miss an update!

This year we will be launching out Mastermind Boardroom to be able to converse directly with investors around the world. Stay tuned for the launch of the group!

We look forward to seeing you win!

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