Flying into 2020

Trading the Holiday Season

The week of Thanksgiving and all are preparing their bags to hop on a flight to see family or maybe just get away for a few days. Airlines are gearing up as they prepare for the annual busiest week of the year. Cargo airlines are happy to see Black Fridays sales as that will drive more overnight deliveries which will have to be made by air.

All in all 2019 is starting to wrap up as we know it and there are a few things we need to make sure we keep in mind as we close of the year that I feel would be a great time to touch on right now.

The market is closed so we can sit back and relax and we set ourselves up for another trading day ahead. Make sure to take the time to disconnect from the market and do what you really wanted to do in the first place when you started trading.

I personally started trading so I could spend more time with my family. I knew I was extremely creative and adventurous so I am fortunate enough to use investing as a vehicle to allow me to enjoy some of the things in life I value.

A big part of becoming a successful investor involves not basing your success on the success of others. Because what they have decided successful means may not be the same idea of success that you have.

When is the Market closed?

The last thing we want is for you to try to enter or close a trade on a day that the market is closing, or when you think the market will be open till 4 and it closes at 1 p.m. instead.

Let’s make sure we cover what days the market will be closed and what days the market will close a little early.

  • Thursday, Nov. 28 – Thanksgiving Day (Market closed all day)
  • Friday, Nov. 29th – Black Friday (Market Closed after 1 p.m. EST)
  • Tuesday, Dec 24 – Christmas Eve (Market Closed after 1 p.m. EST)
  • Wednesday, Dec. 25 — Christmas Day (Market Closed all Day)
  • Tuesday, Dec 31 – New Year’s Eve (Market Closed After 1 p.m. EST)
  • Wednesday, Jan 1 – New Year’s Day (Market Closed all Day)

Trading in 2020

Trade Wars

If you thought that 2019 was an exciting year for the market just wait till the next one coming! We have trade discussions between The United States of America hitting the headlines every week with mixed emotions from the start.

One week we see optimism then the next week the headlines are looking grim. I suspect this game will go on for as long as they can keep the fun going. Strap in because this one is going to take a while to clear out through the market. Even then once a deal is completed or not completed we will see major reactions afterwards

It’s Election year!

Election years will always shake the markets up dramatically. Currently speaking the current president of the United States Donald Trump is currently under Impeachment Inquiry. The process is uncovering the information and data related to certain actions which individuals in our government have declared to be illegal and an abuse of his presidential powers.

The outcome of the inquiry will determine if he will be able to continue to run for a second term. There have already been many fundraisers and events thrown with the new 2020 motto of “Keep America Great.” With many incredible candidates running Trump certainly will need to put up a good fight to stay in office.

All in all there will be some uncertainty and investors often try to stay away from uncertainty as they like to protect their money. As investors look to protect their capitol they may pull out of more risky stocks and look towards purchasing bonds, gold, or investing in foreign currency.

As investors begin to reallocate their funds outside of the market this causes trading volume to go down. Less volume means any major impacts will quickly shock the impact and dramatically.

Just Because it is 2020

Do you remember back to the year 2000? When many believed the stock market would crash and fall apart. Others thought that the internet would just stop and not be able to process the change. There was extreme fear and uncertainty around the number 2000.

Then back in 2012 because there was an ancient Mayan calendar that was not made to go past the year 2012 many believed this was a sign and as a result this brought uncertainty.

Much of this uncertainty was based on just the number. Not so much the calendar or the capacity of the hardware but the number.

Human psychology attaches value to numbers the same way that we celebrate when someone turns 10, 21, 30, 50 years old in a big way but when someone turns 38 it isn’t really talked about.

Numbers have significant value to them and subconsciously our human world has learned to associate numbers with meaning.

The year 2020 is going to be one of those years that there will be a major switch in our global society. With so many various elements all coming together we can certainly expect next year to be an exciting and volatile year.

So as we finish off this year of 2019 make sure to reward yourself and spend some of those hard earned profits. Money can be an incredible tool once you learned how it works and most importantly how you can use it. I will be working on some new projects for the next year over these last few weeks of the year.

I want to make sure that you are completely prepared for the year to come so I am working on some premium trading material to best make sure you are equipped for 2020. As always I wish you a very happy trading. I am grateful to be able to share this journey in the aviation industry with you.

– H. Torres

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