Boeing Strikes the Deal

The Dubai Air show is one of the largest and most anticipated events in the aviation industry. This is the chance for some of the largest names in the airline business to come together and take a first hand look at some of the new aircraft being introduced in the market.

Some of the large names that participate at the event are Boeing, Airbus, Dassault Falcon, Gulfstream, Bombardier, Embraer and many more.

At the Dubai air show the large companies take advantage of the opportunity of gaining attention in international markets.

The scorching hot dessert attracts the wealthy business travelers to explore to luxuries that come with fine modern aircraft. Displays of military aircraft from Dassault Falcon tactical aircraft to Embraer’s KC-390 attract the attention of foreign governments.

Many of the attendees of the event range from Corporate clients to also a wide array of government and military officials. The Dubai air show focuses not just on providing an experience for guest to visit static display aircraft but also see them in action.

The show agenda provides various opportunities for demos and presentations of where the certain aircraft capabilities stand. Being able to see the aircraft in motion provides a unique experience.

Many aircraft buyers are more inclined to make the purchase after the personally experience the flight for themselves. Getting a first hand perspective always provides the buyer with a clear picture of what they are purchasing.

Getting the first hand experience of the aircraft of your dreams provides you with a tangible opinion on if the aircraft is going to be best for you. When you know that an aircraft is right for you, you know.

Emirates Airlines Buys 30 new B-787

Emirates Airlines started back in 1991 with a few B-727 as they adapted from the previous Gulf Air. The airline has grown to be a major global player in the aviation industry over the last few years. Theirs fleet has grown to a total of 258 active aircraft.

They currently are the worlds largest operator of the Airbus A380 with a total of 113 flying. They have been able to play a major role in providing services to the large masses of international travelers. Dubai has grown as a major hub for connecting flights from every corner of the globe.

Their aircraft are quickly distinguishable and can be recognized around the world making them a prominent brand.

Just this last year Airbus has announced to no longer be making any new Airbus A380. This decision was made based on the implications and rumors that Emirates was not looking to purchase any more of the wide-body double deck aircraft.

While tensions and engineering faults arise from Boeing there was talk that Emirates would look to purchase the competition. There was talk of an order being made for some new Airbus A350. Although these rumors were trumped by the recent confirmation that was made the the Dubai Air Show the week.

On Wednesday Emirates CEO and Chairman Skeikh Ahmed Bin Saeed Al Maktoum confirmed a firm order of a total of 30 Boeing 787 Dreamliners.

These aircraft will replace the previous order of 150 777x down to 126 total. The grand total for the deal is estimated to be a total of $8.8 Billion in value.

Boeing Stock

In the pre-market trading for Boeing (NYSE: BA) the stock price was slightly below the close of the previous trading day. As the news settles in and more investors around the world take in the news we see the valuation for Boeing rise slightly.

As they have been experiencing less incoming orders in recent months due to 737-MAX issues seeing new orders being made provides some optimism for the future.

Over all many investors continue to look at Boeing for the long term gains that will come. Competition between other manufactuers such as Airbus and Embraer continue to push for market share in the commercial sector.

When it comes to playing large time frame positions on stocks such as Boeing make sure to not feel rushed into entering a position. Many novice investors rush to purchase stocks after hearing positive news.

Having the patience and discipline to determine an entry point that will provide the best returns is key in mitigating potential slippage in your position.

Of course although new orders are being made for Boeing’s 787 Dreamliner their 737-MAX remains grounded. Although there is current optimism we must not forget the lingering lawsuits and investigations that Boeing is handling.

Until Boeing is able to fully recover from the incident staying cautious with the potential risk to the downside will be vital to prevent loss of capitol.

Technical trader would look to see a clean break and retest above the current resistance level prior to confirming the continueation of making new highs. Keeping a close eye on how the year finishes will be key as there is expected to be a great amount of volatility in the next few weeks.

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