Maintaining Altitude in the Market

After a rough start of the quarter where we saw airlines dropping fast across the board we are finally seeing some stability hold strong at the price range that the market has been currently trading within. This week we are going to be moving fast as we have a lot of companies to cover.

The only company on our watchlist that is releasing earning during the month of September is FedEx. Then in October just about every company that we are watching is going to be releasing earnings. This puts us in a great position to be able to start watching the companies now with sufficient time in advance to be able to make appropriate decisions.

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It is important to not feel rushed when trading. The market will move fast and give the impression to retail investors that they have missed all the action. The sense of urgency created pushed people to enter in bad positions that result in potential draw back in capital.

For anyone who is knew in the market take this month to really get a strong understanding of how certain stocks behave. Get an idea of how fast price moves on a particular stock so that when you decide to make a trade you have historical data to support your trade.

Moving forward I will be publishing out a Monthly Report on stocks that we are currently trading on our page and provide some insight on various strategies and tools that can be used.

These reports are short 3-5 page PDF’s that will have relevant data and information on the companies that are currently being traded off our Aviation Watchlist.

As of right now for the first few reports are going to be downloadable straight from the website located in a link as seen below

These reports will not always be posted on the website as in due time they will be sent out only to those who are subscribed to receive the reports right to their email.

If you want to make sure that you don’t miss out on any of the Monthly Portfolio Reports than make sure to leave your email in the box below to never miss a report, or you can always wait till I pull them from the website and close the list of free entries and you may be subject to pay for the Monthly Portfolio Reports.

The choice is yours really.

All I know is that if you are reading this message that means they are still up for free!


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