Selecting the Best Flight

Arranging for travel arrangements on your own without the proper tools can most often lead to stressful situations.

You might find yourself pulling your hair out between trying to negotiate for cheaper prices without compromising for service. You may be concerned on if the company you are flying with can provide safe and reliable services.

With so many options for finding the right travel accommodations it’s important to know what those options are so you are using the kind of services that are going to be most suitable for your situation.

Let me make it a lot easier for us a just focus on two main categories to choose from when deciding on what is going to be the best for your next journey. We have commercial flights and charter flights. When we talk about charter flights, I am going to cover chartering just a seat, and chartering the entire aircraft.

I will make sure to go over the pros and cons of each one, so you have a better idea of what your options are depending on your situation.

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Commercial airlines get you from point a to point b. Some commercial airlines that will remain unnamed can charge you extra if you want to bring a bag to place in the overhead bin compartment.

Other commercial airlines will have customer service representatives standing behind the counters at the ticket counter to kindly direct you to the self-check in kiosk to print out your boarding pass and luggage tag. Once you have printed out your luggage tag then you tag your own luggage and place it on the bag belt yourself.

Commercial airports are desperately working towards automation. With the quantity of people that travel through these major hub airports, airlines are experiences delays which is causing them to lose revenue.

So, to “solve” this they are pushing for more technology implementation in the airport to work towards streamlining the process by integrating more advanced technology.

This is part of the reason that we are experience a decline in hospitality in the airport environment. Many individuals who travel through commercial airports experience feeling stressed or as if they are racing the clock. The overall experience can be overwhelming from start to finish.

Although you will be able to fly at a rate that barely covers the operating fees for the airline. Do not expect anything spectacular in terms of service. There is a possibility of your luggage getting lost or even broken as it is getting tossed around.

Now some of the perks to commercial flights is the price will be ridiculously cheap. Many carriers offer select rates on flights that have many empty seats. This will help stimulate attention to more routes and drive more passenger to the flight. Just be advised you may end up in a middle seat.


Charter services work a bit differently than commercial flights. For starters when you arrive to the Airport, you approach the aircraft through the FBO and not from inside the terminal building.

After being greeted by the kind staff of the FBO who assist you with your items they walk you out to the aircraft that’s parked right outside on the ramp and assist you getting ready for takeoff.

The overall process is quick, smooth and stress free. Having a dedicated staff on side ensures that the quality of work that you will receive will be of the highest quality.

Most aircraft that are used for charter operations are smaller light jets. These range from smaller aircraft holding a capacity of 2-4 including a captain and First officer to larger cabins that can hold over 12 individuals.

You can choose to either charter an entire aircraft or just a seat on an aircraft.

When you choose to charter the entire aircraft, you can select the airport routing, the flight time, what kind of food will be served on the plane and much more. When you charter an entire aircraft, you have the freedom and ability to choose the options that are going to best fit your needs.

Getting the help of a professional organization to help with the planning and coordination of service companies is essential. This will ensure reliable service is provided.

Many charter flights can be coordinated in a relatively short time frame and the costs can dramatically range depending on various elements. The type of aircraft and size of the aircraft will greatly affect the price of the charter flight.

It may be that you do not need to use an entire private jet all for yourself for a trip you have planned. There are options where we can purchase a seat on a charter flight that is already flying on a specific routing. Being that you would only be purchasing a seat and not the entire aircraft this would bring down costs dramatically.

Therefore, it is best to get a quote first for your flight and speak to a professional who would be able to best recommend what will best suit your needs.


So now that we covered the basics let’s get ready for Take-Off!

I have partnered up with various organizations and companies that have opened up my accessibility to not just a commercial seat but also a charter seat on a jet or even chartering a whole aircraft.

This gives people the chance to book flights anywhere in the entire world regardless of their location by sending in some basic details to request a quote. We then can make sure it gets to the right individuals who are experts in that particular area.

Often times when organizing travel through large travel agencies we loose the personal touch. Going directly to an individual who has made the relationhips with the various organizations and companies directly provides for a higher quality in service over all.

Let’s work together to find what is going to be best for you on your next flight!

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