What is Energy Management? Why Does it Matter?

I have been studying the works of Matthew Kelly regarding his ideas on the Work-Life Balance Myth to Personal and Professional Satisfaction in his book “Off-Balance”. I want to bring a few of the ideas and topics up today and share them with you as I feel they are more relevant in today’s day and age than ever before.

The topic of time management has been built upon and talked about for decades now. We all understand that time is a finite resource that is continuously running thinner without replenishment. Most importantly we all have the same amount of time in the day. You and I are given the same 24 hours on the clock and the way that we organize structure our time has direct correlation with the results of our life that we see.

If we choose to spend more time studying different investing strategies and looking into various resources that provide insight and education then our own understanding and skill set in the methods will only grow as well. We understand that to become an Outlier as described in Malcolm Gladwell, requires the dedication of 10,000 hours before mastery is achieved.

Investing is a craft that many believe involves years of dedication and studying to reach the level of mastery to be able to see any profits. This concept is being challenged with new technology and strategies that can now be used to maximize the earning potential. Understanding the kind of energy you bring to the trading environment is a major player in being able to be focused and attentive to detail. Often times we hear successful traders explain how when their energy levels are not where they desire them to be their trading is directly impacted and they often will not even touch the market if their energy levels are not ready for the tasks.

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Understanding what in your life is most important is key to determining what to allocate your energy towards. For some it may be their family, they have prioritized the time they spend with their family and allocate their time to be able to spend the most amount of time possible with their family. Whatever it may be that you decide to spend your time on is dependent on your own set of values

Photo by Miguel Á. Padriñán on Pexels.com

Time is a core factor in our lives and for the longest time those who understood the value of time were to ones who experienced the greatest satisfaction and gratification out of life as they were able to effectively decide what in their life is most important and they focused on dedicating time to those events.

As our society is evolving and our understanding of various concepts advances we are now open to a new perspective of the key element that will not triumph over the ability to being efficient in time management.

What is Human Energy?

We are all familiar with different sources of energy coal, water, wind, calories, electricity, etc. Human energy is unlike any other kind of energy that exist. It can be increase through activities or decreased. It can be raised or lowered by the presence of another person, animal, food, song, color or event.

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The energy that we carry is unique in its ability to be contagious and can impact the energy of another individual. The energy that we control is fluid and constantly changing and understanding the role this plays in our daily life is the new frontier to being able to maximize your time.

Take for example one individual walks into the office and as you hear their feet drag across the tile and see their unshaven face gloomy and pale of color enter they begin to suck the energy from others in the room. They feed off the energy of others and as they meander through the work day time slows down and the day drags on seeming as if for ever with little to no progress being made.

On the flip side another individual walks in the room delighted to be healthy and brings with them high energy and vitality. They are focused and attentive and their attention is not on their own securities and troubles but on the well-being of the organization and how they can bring value to the workplace and to others.

Both individuals work an 8 hours shift yet the second individual full of vibrant positive energy is able to achieve an exponentially greater amount than the individual who was simply present for the full shift lacking energy.

Where Do We Get Our Energy From?

Now many believe that as man and woman we are not biochemically capable of producing energy without gaining that energy from another source. I am here to challenge that idea with the concept that not only are we vessels capable of enhancing the energy we receive but I believe the key part that makes us human is being able to convert and create energy.

It comes from making the choice. The same event that could potentially cripple someone in the tracks and stop them from moving forward could potentially fuel and charge someone to work harder than ever. We always have the ability to make a choice in how we are going to process the energy we are receiving and understanding that is the essential in being able to manage ones energy levels.

The best way to stand out in any market is by bringing the greatest energy to the field. This is showing to be true in many emerging markets in today’s day and age as there are various energies present all around us.

Factors that can affect our energy range from our home environment, our workplace, the kind of music we listen to, our clothes, the car we drive, the people we talk to, the books we read, the social media post we like and share. All of these factors either contribute to or feed off of our energy. Once we determine all the factors that can alter our energy levels we then need to filter and be extremely selective on what we allow to alter our energy levels.

Perform with High Energy

Finding out what raises your energy is the first place to start. For me its being around unique and beautiful aircraft. My energy is raised when I am having intellectually stimulating conversations with others. For me my energy levels are raised with I am listening to motivational podcast or reading books that provide me with skills and tools to perform at higher levels.

A key part of this blog is not just to talk about earning of companies or to highlight new aviation technologies but to also expand of my energy levels. Being able to be fully involved in the growth of this movement of individuals passionate about aviation and who understand the benefit of investing feeds into my own energy.

When individuals respond back with controversial topics and we engage in discussion regarding investment strategies it peaks my attention which as a result raises my energy. The more engage and the more focused my energy levels are more effective I am able to perform resulting in greater results.

Energy is infinite. Now I know many will be quick to jump in and argue that after a 10 hour work day they will not have the energy to be able to go to the gym and for many they are not wrong. Although how is it that some who have made the decision to work out regardless of what happens are able to find it in themselves to go to the gym after a 10 hour work day? The key to performing with high energy is being incredible selective with how you spend your energy similar to how time management concepts involve being selective with your time.

The key to performing with high energy involves deciding what tasks require more energy than others. Most importantly it also involves deciding what tasks you are giving too much energy towards and cutting back on those areas.

When you take the time to peacefully recharge yourself with downtime and tranquility, you can perform with your peak energy and focus levels during the areas of your life that are most important, which in result will lead to you being able to experience a greater sensation of gratification on a day to day basis.

How important do you feel energy plays a role in today’s market place? How can being able to control and manage ones energy levels effect ones ability to be able to perform at higher levels? Are we capable of maintaining peak levels of energy or is it essential to have a spectrum of low energy activities in conjunction with high energy levels?

I am interested to hear your perspective on the topic of Energy Management and how it plays a role in your life.

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