Going Back to the Heart of Aviation

A Vision

It all started with a crazy vision of being able to soar with the birds. We once would look up into the sky and see our winged friends glide through the wind with a sense of grace and majesty. They would inspire us to explore beyond the oceans horizon as they would fly past the reaches of our eyes.

To simply be able to get a taste of what the birds are capable of achieving would be a blessing upon our perception. To be able to see the world from above and all its beautiful bends and peaks. To break through the clouds and see the earth from the sky and have complete freedom to journey to wherever the eyes lead.

The vision of being able to maneuver through the sky with such grace has been ingrained in our genetics for generations. The aviation industry is a beautiful place for self expression, exploration, community and remains to be as a vital organ in modern civilization. To better understand where the aviation market is going its important to under stand where it has come from.

The pioneers of aviation soared without fear. They were chasing the thrill and excitement that the sky provided them with. Aviation for as long as time will always be an experience like no other.

Even today, every time we on lined up on the runway ready to roll out into the take off we suddenly feel the hairs on our spine rise up. As the front tire of the aircraft lifts up of the ground we experience a sense of euphoria that flushes our body with grace and excitement.

If you take away all the glitz and glamour being brought into the aviation industry today you are left with the single most valuable part of the entire industry. The sensation that flying brings to people. So often we get caught up in all the extra stuff that we loose sight of the real reason that aviation all started. We start to chase after the money and the fame and the social status that comes with aviation that we forget the origins of where aviation came from.

Being able to step back in time and see first hand the aircraft that flew forty, fifty, some even seventy years ago brought me to understand what the main objective of it all was. It allowed me to take a step back and understand why the main reason so many people just like myself became interested in the aviation industry, it is all about the freedom and unity.

As I stepped up the steep ladder into the cockpit I felt the heat of the metal sitting in the sun for hours. I could see the metal worn out and brushed through the war zone that it went through, Being able to see the way the cabin was prepared to create conversation and invite in open air. The main idea was to feel free not enclosed in a tube. The joy in flying was being able hear to rumble of the engine as you are cruising at altitude.

They had the essential in the cabin and kept it relatively basic. They focused on the functionality of every part not so much the appearance. As a majority of the early age aircraft were used in war their focus was primarily for serving a purpose.

Being able to see first hand the way aviation started and how far it has come really does excite me to see what will come next. As next technology is advancing and the limits of the aviation industry are constantly being pushed to create new opportunities for progression.

The Aviation Community

These air shows that travel from city to city are not focused on being money driven and are not trying to squeeze every dollar out of the people that came to participate. They focused on taking you to a spectacular place of where you can meet individuals who share similar interest in the thrill aviation.

The aviation community is rich in culture and passion. Everyone is extremely grateful to be apart of an industry that pushes the limits of mind.

We need to understand that there are many of us out here and we all have unique perspective and ideas that we can bring to the table. A positive, people focused community that is rich with diversity in age, gender and nationality helps create strength in unity.

The best suggestion I have for anyone who is an aviation fanatic, is to surround yourself around other aviation fanatics!

A great majority of individuals in the aviation industry are open to providing help and guidance whenever they can. They are motivated to help one another and see each other grow as individuals within the community.

Flying clubs have been around for ages and help unite people together who are passionate about aviation. They are designed to make flying more accessible and affordable. They are focused not just on being cost efficient but primarily community based. Flying Clubs build up the aviation industry by bringing in more people to being able to experience flying first hand.

As a member of a flying club you would gain access to a specific aircraft at a discounted price. This would lower your costs whenever you decide to use the aircraft to only paying the operational costs of the aircraft.

Normally most charter companies charge for the rental costs, operational cost, insurance costs and other other fees all together whenever you use their services. As a part of a flying club you eliminate excessive fees by paying a fixed monthly rate for the membership and then a reduce costs during actual use of the aircraft.

Understanding what you are looking for is essential before joining any club or purchasing any service of an aviation company. If you are unsure and have some more questions about what is right for you feel free to reach out to me and I would be happy to help. I am here of service to provide you with any help I can provide on your unique aviation experience.

What would you look for in a Flying Club? Something reliable for you to build up hours and not break the bank? Maybe you are looking for something a little more daring by finding a club that offers unique experimental aircraft.

Comment below if you are in a flying club, if so which one!
If you are not in a flying club what would you look for when joining one?

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