The Only Way to Become an Expert, is to Never Stop Being a Student.

Just a few days back I had someone I had never met before approach me to start a conversation over some of the investing content I have up on Instagram. They felt it was appropriate to just go ahead and start offering me help and trying to give me “information” over whats app, for I don’t even know what and he called himself an expert in the trading field because he has been doing it for 2 years!

This really made me quite upset due to one the lack of genuine and authentic effort made to create a connection with me, or to understand what my level of understanding in the market was before just going ahead and right after introducing his name just trying to push a sale on me.

I also lost a lot of credibility for the individual due to the way that he introduced himself as a trading expert. I have met individuals who have been trading for 20 years that understand education is not something you do once and knock it out of the way and then coast and what you learned for the rest of life.

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Education is an ongoing process. It is something that we must learn to facility outside of the standard education system classroom setting. Education occurs in many different ways such as through; books, courses, webinars, meetups, conferences
through experiences, reading or watching others experiences and most importantly through reflecting on our own experiences.

What does being a “Student” mean?: Being a student means playing yourself in an environment where you are open and receptive to receiving new information and knowledge to then go apply to enhance the quality of life for others or yourself.

Stay Flexin’

If it means being enrolled in either an accredited, technical, or virtual school that that works just fine. But what if being a Student for you means walking through life with an open-minded perspective on how to be able to take in the events that unfold through out life to be taken as lessons to best prepare you for future events. Just like the brain is a muscle the only way that it can get stronger at processing ideas faster, being able to solve more intricate problems and remember the names of people that we met just two minutes ago is by working it out just like we would any other muscle in our body.

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It is done the same way that we develop healthy habits of working out and stick to our gym schedules for years at a time without skipping a day. Sometimes even when we are on vacation somewhere we make sure to find the hotel gym just to get in that quick workout before heading down to the beach and knocking back mango mojitos.

Creating a strong culture of being a life long student is essential for maintaining mental health just like physical exercise is essential for maintaining physical health. Our bodies if we do not work them out become lame and loose their resilience and are more prone to disease and illness. This applies to all aspects of our body from our feet to our head and if we fail to properly provide our brain with stimulation of new and challenging experiences it will begin to lose its strength over time. As the brain looses strength and resilience it is more susceptible to certain issues such as Alzheimer, or depression.

The best way that we can combat and take preventative action towards our mental health is by continuously flexin’ our brain to create new neuro-pathways and build on the existing ones and create a habit for learning and challenging ourselves.

Do not fall into that trap of only learning for the first 20 years of your life and expecting that education to last you your whole life time.

The Global Rate of Progression is growing exponentially in terms of people, money, technology, and most importantly information. There is more information and data developed a year on the internet that you could consume in your entire life time. Let us go ahead and face the fact that neither you nor I will be able to take in all the information available in the world and have the time to do anything with it.

What’s The Use?

The most important part of educating yourself is to be able to use that information that you have learned and use it to enhance either the life of another living thing or your own. Lets just clear the air and get one key idea set in stone:

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Education is worthless without Application!

Have you ever heard of a concept call Paralysis from over Analysis? It is a potentially deathly sickness that results in the over consumption of information, knowledge, or media that results in your brain basically over exerting itself and becoming now limp. Just like when we push ourselves too hard at the gym and the next day we can barely get out of bed due, this same phenomenon occurs with our brains in the sense that it too can feel so over-worked in a certain area that it needs time to recover and replenish itself.

Education is a gradual and progressive process that involves building strength overtime not overnight. Granted I am not denying that you could not learn something over night, I am saying that what ever you do learn overnight is only assumed value until it is put into application.

If you decided to look into new ways to start educating yourself in how invest in various markets globally to be able to gain a new source of income you do not get paid for learning the information. When you decide to learn new investing strategies the only way that you will be able to make a profit is by implementing them in real life using real money. The are only two options; you either win and learn what you did right and why it worked and do your best to repeat it, or you lose and learn what you did wrong and why it didn’t work and do your best not to let it happen again.

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The Aviation Industry Advances Everyday

In the last Century of Aviation there has been incredible advances in our technology around aircraft and the systems they fly with as well as the milestones that we can been able to accomplish over the years.

The next years to come show incredible changes in the way navigation is conducted as the implementation of Next-Gen is becoming adopted by the masses now. Now the communication that will occur between aircraft and air-traffic controllers is enhanced allowing for greater safety systems in the sky. The introduction of more smaller drone like aircraft capable of transporting individuals is just around the corner. There are more private space companies today than ever before and supersonic flight will soon be an amenities available to the public.

From companies like Emirates Airlines which just recently announced their plan on using Vertical Take-off and Landing Vehicles (V-Tols) within the city of Dubai by the end of 2020, all the way to Boeing partnering up with Aerion to create a supersonic business jet, the future for aviation is looking optimistic for the years to come.

The investment opportunities in the aviation industry are immense as there are many areas to which one could find interest in. The commercial industry is continuously finding new ways to maximize revenue and decrease expenses through use of systems and controls to mitigate any potential losses.

.The General Aviation industries is leading the skies currently with the greatest potential in terms of open skies. The General Aviation industry makes up a great portion of total aviation worldwide although is greatly underappreciated by many. Bring up the awareness and educating other in what the General Aviation industry has to offer is the greatest area of opportunity in these next coming years as more companies are seeing the benefit of having your own aircraft available for use over commercial airlines.

Being someone is working within the aviation industry and also continuing my education as well with a university which specializes in aviation technology and business I am able to stay updated in the most current trends and current market that exist today. I am certainly no expert but I am dedicated towards continuously educating myself in what changes are occurring on a day to the day basis and how to be able to react appropriately to ensure the best results.

Sun n’ Fun

This week is the annual Sun N’ Fun Fly In at Lakeland, Fl and I will be there personally this Saturday. They are a non-profit organization that leads one of the largest fly-in’s in the world with close to 200,000 visitors. This Saturday I will be attending to say up to date in what is happening in the General Aviation community. It is important to take advantage of any events occurring where you have the opportunity to interact with like minded individuals who are passionate and excited about the same topics you enjoy as well. This create conversation and a memorable bond and most importantly you can learn something from the other person.

Being that Sun n’ Fun is in Florida and the chance of rain is high make sure to dress comfortably if you plan on coming down. Take into consideration that the venue is outdoors on the taxiways at some parts of the airport but primarily the grassy areas surrounding the airport grounds. Be open to listen and connect with others as there will be people with incredible stories and wisdom that would be happy to share them as they are passionate and excited about the stories that have from the aviation industry.

Aside from the experience take the time to gain connections for the future. Maybe you meet a great pilot that you could see potentially becoming a teacher. Possibly you meet a leader of a company who would like to do business with you personally. There are endless possibilities from the connections that you can make with others and one should never skip the chance to be able to engage with another individual who shares similar passions.

Come back later this week to see the follow up blog to 2019 Sun n” Fun!

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