How do Commercial Airlines get Away with Charging Whatever They Want.

Private Aviation is most associated with one concept : Being Expensive!

My job involves being able to adjust your perception on what exactly is expensive and what is actually worth your hard earned money. I also aim to bring some light into what can be done to ensure you are paying the appropriate amount for what it is your are receiving.

Now if we were to try and compare prices side by side a one way ticket form Orlando, Florida to Los Angeles, California I am not going to deny that the ticket price for one person between the two flight one being commercial and one being private will have a massive difference. Being that they are over 2000 miles away by air there are a lot of expenses to consider such as fuel, flight crew time in the air, ground equipment on both sides not to mention meals over the four and a half our flight.

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Commercial airlines are able to lower you seat costs by dividing it up throughout the 180 other individuals that are on the aircraft. With the guest seated in first class paying a few thousands dollars for their seat it then can lower the cost of the economy class guests dramatically. Airlines use various price tactics to their advantage. If they notice that the first and business class seats are not selling as they anticipated they then raise the price of the economy seats to ensure they still generate a profit at the end of the trip.

Price Manipulation

Price manipulation is done by individuals seated in a corporate office that determine what the price from Orlando to Los Angeles will be. This results in you having to set up notifications on your phone to check the flight times at odd hours of the day to ensure you can get the absolute best deal possible. When did they tell you to check? Let me guess at 2am on a Wednesday?

When you fly using a private aviation company, you are not subject to the kind of price manipulation that is experience on commercial airlines.

One day the price of the ticket is for example $200 and the next day they decide to surge the prices up to $500, which again they are perfectly capable of doing at the commercial level, then wouldn’t you agree that now that ticket is extremely expensive.That is now $300 more than what the seat was originally priced at.

It comes down to the simple basic economic principle of Supply and Demand. As Supply and Demand both rise, so does price. This is how you end up overpaying for the seat that person next to you got on sale.

2 Seats in the same row, different price?

If you do go ahead and decide to purchase the ticket at the higher price being that is the only thing available keep in mind that you will receive the same service and amenities that the person who paid $300 less than you will receive.

Now I am not sure about you but I would be extremely upset to know that the person next to me paid a great amount less than I did and yet they have the window seat and I ended up with a middle seat. So not only did you end up overpaying for the ticket in comparison to other individuals in the same row as you but the airlines are not going to give you anything extra or treat you any differently for the increase in revenue you generated for them.

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Paying for what you Get

When you decide to look into booking a flight on a private airplane the price is set in stone. You are not subject to the last minute alterations and manipulation that so many of us have happen to us whenever we fly commercially. If I am going to pay more for something I expect to have more value given to back to me in return. It is that simple.

In the private aviation you get what you pay for. If you decide to use the services of a light weight aircraft for a 4 hour flight and you are by yourself then the entire cost of the trip will fall on your shoulders. This is where leveraging the cost through other individuals is made possible. You can choose to bring along a few friends of your own or family members and help divide the costs of the the aircraft evenly between all the individuals on the flight.

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Some companies work towards organizing trips for individuals to help mitigate the overall cost of the flight. If you are planning to fly between two destinations but are not willing to pay for the entire flight cost independently there are many services available that can help reduce your costs by selling out the others seats on the aircraft to other individuals who are also planning the same itinerary. If the aircraft books out and there are 8 seats on the plane now you only have to pay 1/8 of the total cost of the flight.

I understand that being able to find 7 other people all trying to fly the same route at the same time can be very difficult for an individual which is why using the services of an aviation consulting company is key. They can help coordinate those services and ensure that you are paying for what you receiving and not over paying for the same services that someone else is receiving for cheaper.

Get Expert Advise

An Aviation Consultant can also help analyze and review your expenses and costs when it comes to flying private. They are skilled in breaking down the costs of each services and can identify key elements that are being over priced. Not only can they help identify your areas of opportunity for saving money and paying the appropriate price for what you are being given but they can also work on your behalf in regards to negotiate new price points or even identify new companies that will be able to provide the same level of quality for a better value.

There is no reason to be hesitant towards asking the assistance of an aviation consultant. They can provide valuable insight towards your aviation related expenses and can help you save thousands of dollars over the course of a year.

The main goal of flying private is to get what you pay for in terms of service, privacy, luxury, and speed. The companies working in this industry understand that many of the clients they serve do not have the time or knowledge to determine what is appropriate in terms of pricing.

There are people in place to help you make sense of it all. Their focus is on how to ensure their clients are not over paying for the same service as the person seated in the window seat. I personally would be happy to help.

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