We Work Hard, So You Do Not Have To.

We all look forward to that one vacation where we get to jump on a flight and leave town and visit a new unexplored territory. Families save a little bit from each paycheck for the whole year just to be able to take one incredible trip with that family that brings everyone together and sparks a new fire in life for excitement and joy. After all the sleepless nights and early mornings we have finally earned our way into a well deserved vacation.

Often times when we focus on creating the perfect vacation and we plan with only the destination in mind and we don’t care how we get there or when we get there.

We end up booking tickets on low-cost carriers last minute only for them to then lower the price tickets even more days before the flight making you feel like you got ripped off knowing the guy next to you only paid $9 to sit on the plane. With price tickets getting to be the same price as a dinner for two you can only imagine who you are going to sit next to.

Once on board the aircraft you are probably best sticking your air-pods in your ear and holding your head up with a neck-pillow that has probably never been washed hoping to enter a music induced trance and allow the hours on board the flight simply fly by, literally.

Life is a beautiful journey and you and I can both agree that there is no rush to the finish line and we all share the same goal to be able to make the absolute best out of this journey we call life. We focus our attention to the experiences and adventures and memories that we create along our journey.

I strongly believe that the way we do anything is the way we do everything so when it comes to travelling why is it so many individuals and families choose the cheap and easy way which brings discomfort and frustration over the calm and enjoyable manner of travelling.

The lack of individuals taking advantage of the private aviation industry is astonishing and it comes down to the lack of awareness of what exists out there. Often the fear of not being able to afford the experience stuns others to ever even finding out what it would all come out to.

The private aviation industry is design to meet the needs and requirements of the guest. While on the flip side the commercial aviation industry was designed to meet the growing demand of the masses for cheap and basic experience.

When you fly private the aircraft waits for you. You are able to organize and decide the exact meal you want on board. You have control over what shows and movies you want to be played during the flight. You have the choice over what choice of liquor they will serve on board. There are no waiting lines through security. There are no assigned seats.

There are no restrictions to how many carry on bags you can bring. Most importantly the experience and quality of service that you are guaranteed to received from the beginning of the trip will be immaculate as there is not need for you to go to self-serve kiosk to print out your boarding pass. Once you arrive you are greeted by name and escorted towards your aircraft and you can proceed on toward the runway for a smooth and awe-inspiring take off.

So leave it up to us. You have worked hard all year long and deserve to be treated with respect and generosity for the unique individual that you are. You are not just another body in a seat you are a personal guest. Most importantly you need to understand that once you raise your standards and embark on your first private flight you won’t ever want to go back.

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