Leveraging Technology to Invest

Investing was not something that my parents spoke to me about as I was a kid growing up. Investing was always noted as a risky and costly process that would involve requiring special relationship and insight on companies that would provide with you specific knowledge to be able to essentially be ahead of the curve of everyone else and be able to generate income form the market. For their day and age they were not wrong, although things have dramatically changed for you and I.

Growing up prior to the Smartphone age investing was left to those who had access to brokers. This would be either by visiting one in person or giving them a call. The broker would then act as a middle man between you and the market exchange where he would then purchase or sell the investment of your choice while also charging you a fee for his or her time.

This process took time and and was not cheap so most investors participated in long term trades to eliminate having to call their broker too much. To save broker fees one might only call their broker a hand full of times throughout the entire year.

Day trading was left only to those who worked in institutions or directly on Wall Street they had access to be able to open and close trades with less steps and people to go through which allowed them to have the upper hand. Their ability to connect with those in the marketplace provided them with the opportunity to be able to execute on investments with less latency of time.

Now we have our smartphones and digital brokers that allow us to place trades instantly… That is correct we can now go on our cell phones and purchase a stock with a single click of a button. Being able to make your first investment is as easy as liking an Instagram post. This revolutionized the way that trading occurred worldwide. The amount of volume which has entered the market has exponentially grown.

There was a time where less than 5% of individuals had access to be able to invest. Now those numbers have significantly grown to over 50%. Anyone with access to the internet is not able to trade at the same level and speed that an individual sitting on Wall Street has access to. This create a playing field that was once never possible.

The large institutions who play a large role in the market understand that someone who is uneducated in the market will make mistakes and invest emotionally resulting in a winning situation for them. Taking it up on yourself to develop an education in how to trade effectively will give you the edge on the individual who simply follow the trends on the news without having any underlying education


The most common emotion that individuals can feel when they think about investing in any way shape or form. The brain is designed to protect us and ensure that we survive. With so many of us seeing money as a means to survival to potential loss of money would define a loss of life. The problem is the idea behind the potential to loose money puts our mind in a state of fear and protection where we will do anything in our power to safe what we already have even when there is a potential to multiply what we have.

I get it completely. I was scared to put my first dollar into the market until I spent maybe close to a year studying on my own. I felt lost and unsure on if the research I was doing on my own was guiding me in the right way or just confusing me even more.

I knew had to research topics before and get the answers I was looking for it just felt like with investing there were more people out there trying to use ethos to sway you into a specific trade when in reality the market was really going to respond the opposite. I knew I needed to find a source I could trust that wasn’t going to misguide me.

I knew the only way I would succeed would be if I surrounded myself around individuals on the same path as me driven with goals. Individuals that understand that with the advancement of technology the investing world has completely opened up for any one to be able to participate.

I started comparing companies that gave educating in investing and thought it was completely ridiculous the prices they had for their services. Anywhere between $5,000 and $40,000 for lessons on how to be able to trade. At the time I was working as a cook unable to even afford a vacation let alone to spend my whole annul salary on a course. I felt they were all scam artist trying to get me to sign away my whole life savings and then leave me alone stranded to try and figure out how to make it back on my own.

Find the Right Tools.

If you had to task of placing sheets of dry wall through the inside of a house and only had a ball-point hammer by your side and no help the amount of time and effort you would need to put forth towards being able to complete the task would be exhausting, potentially take you all day if not longer and the risk of you getting hurt is extremely high.

Now if you had the same task but had a team of professionals, and a gas power nail gun the task might get done in just a few minutes if not hours. Having the proper tools is essential if you plan on getting the job done effectively and efficiently. Since the dawn of man we have used tools to everything from hunting and gathering to constructing homes.

Nobody in their right mind would go and try to build a house today all by themselves without the use of any power tools so why would anyone attempt to successfully invest in any market without any tools. Our generation has an open field of opportunity to what we can build using vehicles like the Foreign Exchange market and I believe that when we work together we can build incredible communities where the standards of living are continuously raising.

I am going to give you access to the same tools and professionals that I have access to. I used to struggle on a daily basis attempting to build my account independently and feeling like no progress was being made. Now having been able to use the help of other professional traders and the same tools they use to build their accounts I have been able to see progress.

There is no need for you to embark on this journey alone. Gain access to the trading tools that an investor of any level can use.

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