Why Private Aviation Will Win in the Coming Years.

The aviation industry has expanded faster than we could ever imagine over the last 100 years. In aviation there are three main sectors that make up a majority of all the aircraft in the sky today: Commercial, Private, and Military. Being this is a page for business, and entrepreneurs and investors I am not going to go too much into the military aspects. 

As the aviation industry has advanced our mission towards the service that the commercial airlines are aiming to deliver has adapted to the growing demand for cheaper flights. You and I both know that cheaper is not always better.

Commercial Aviation

The main objective for commercial aviation has been focusing all their attention on how to be able to use an aircraft that can maximize the amount of people possible and take them from point A to point B.

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Low cost Carriers have made it possible for individuals of any status afford to purchase a seat on an aircraft. If you want to travel with nothing else aside the clothes on your back you can for an extremely low cost. You will not be able to check a bag, and not to mention if you would like to sit next to your family member it will also cost you extra. Many of these carriers have no remorse in cancelling your ticket and keeping the profits if you are late for your flight by just 1 minute.

The Transportation Security Administration has launched a Road-map to Bio-metrics which included to implementation of kiosks and scanners to complete the entire process from dropping off your bag, to walking through security and boarding the aircraft. This will greatly reduce the workforce needed to operate an airport which will only maximize the revenue for the company by reducing their labor costs.

At the end of the day the general public has demanded for cheap airplane ticket and they have been getting it! As a result the staff operating at these airports are underpaid to keep the price of your ticket low. Certain safety and sanitation standards are not the highest due to the fact that it can take extra time and money to ensure that these standards are upheld to the highest quality. With corporations driving to save every penny possibly and maximize ancillary revenue the use of more automated systems will result in the need for less staff on site which will in result only negatively affect the general public by giving them exactly what they wanted: “cheaper”.

Private Aviation

The private aviation industry consists of the businesses and services that operate around non-schedule flights. These are aircraft and business that are essentially on-demand. General aviation is a very broad sector and include many sub-categories within.

Charter airline companies own or lease a fleet of aircraft and organize the logistics involved with preparing their fleet for their clients to serve them at the convenience and cost of the client. The value of charter airlines is they reduce the risk and responsibility of the client by leaving all the legality and leg work to a company operating the aircraft. This allows someone to be able to simply call or submit a request online for a specific route or aircraft size and just sign the bill at the end.

The most beneficial perk of these services is that they aim to over-deliver on their services and cover ever last detail to ensure that the client does not need to stress or try to waste their own time figuring out how to cover all the aspects of preparing an aircraft for flight. Factors such as fueling, catering, airport fees and procedures, as well as flight plan filing, crew scheduling, and maintenance procedures are all taken care of leaving the the client stress-free.

The individuals who choose to use private aviation over commercial aviation understand that they are paying for service and peace of mind. They are paying to eliminate any amount of stress that could potentially run into by waiting in long lines or by having to handle issues on their own and they pay another individual or company. They are choosing to only accept the highest quality of service in terms of the product and relationships create. Often times the initial creation of these relationship can be the hardest part while to many the aspect of keeping and tending to these relationship is the greatest area of opportunity.

Flying private is a choice made to only accept excellence

With technology advancing in the general aviation sector at an exponential rate. The aircraft in service are constantly going through upgrades and no longer are the large companies with big pockets dominating the industry. Now those who are able to grab the attention the fastest and have the most exponential growth experience the greatest success. The most important part is being plugged in and being active in creating new relationships and being open to experimenting with new technology that will allow you to lead in the industry.

I understand this world of private aviation can be confusing and there are so many factors at play to consider when deciding to either lease, or purchase an aircraft in full, or possible only purchasing part of an aircraft there are just so many elements to take into consideration that is always best to consult another individual before making any large decisions in regards to aviation. Taking some pressure of your own shoulders and finding someone reliable and trustworthy who you can have advise you in what is going to best suit your needs is what I personally would recommend to anyone even remotely interested in the sexy atmosphere of private aviation.

Flying private is a choice made to only accept excellence. I have taken on the role of bringing some clarity to the aviation industry and really highlighting the perks of using the skills and strengths of others to best suit your own personal goals and desires. I understand there can be a great deal of ambiguity and uncertainty in regards to certain decisions not just when it comes to making any large decisions around aircraft but even the smaller one such as do I fly out my employees on a business class seat in an airline or do I go the extra mile and really make an impact and provide them with a private experience. The value behind a catered experience where you have the ability to control the entire experience from the car waiting on the tarmac to the meal served on board provide you with the opportunity to create a memory for someone that will stick with them for the rest of their life.

4 responses to “Why Private Aviation Will Win in the Coming Years.”

  1. Very interesting article. Love it!

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    1. Thank you for the support!!


  2. Great article, but I couldn’t imagine the average American citizen being able to afford a private flight. At least not anytime soon. Thanks for sharing!


    1. I can agree that with the current market the average American citizen cannot be able to afford a private flight with the education and tools they have available to them currently. But as wealth is being redistributed and information is being spread the accessibility of general aviation is increasing dramatically. Certainly, it’s beneficial to have optimism towards the market outlook for the future of aviation.


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