How Aerion Will Forever Change the World.

In today’s advancing world the pieces are finally coming together where Supersonic Travel will be available to the public. With the demand for faster and more dynamic aircraft increases Aerion has partnered with Boeing to create the AS2. The business jet capable of travelling up to Mach 1.4 which is approximately 1,000 miles an hour is projected to have its maiden flight in 2023 just 4 years out from now. How will the aviation industry prepare for this kind of technology being introduced into the market? What will an aircraft of this caliber cost to purchase and operate?

On February 5th, 2019 Boeing (BA) announced that it has created a partnership with the next-generation supersonic aircraft company named Aerion, based out of Reno, NV. Aerion was founded in 2003 and since then have been working directly on designing and producing the first the first Supersonic business jet of its kind.

Boeing recognized the potential that this technology has on completely changing the way we see air travel and has created a relationship with Aerion to provide Capitol, Engineering and industrial resources to aid in the progress towards creating this one of a kind jet.

Back in 2014 the original rendering were published by Aerion and the aircraft is gorgeous. The three engines have been specifically designed to not only be capable of reducing the Transatlantic flight by a roughly three hours while also meeting certain environmental factors.

Taking into considering that Boeing has been one of the leading companies in the aviation industry I would be inclined to believe that if Boeing is investing in this kind of technology so should we.

Past efforts towards creating a commercial aircraft capable of flying at supersonic speeds were unsuccessful. The costs of operating the aircraft were extremely high driving up the cost of the ticket making it not affordable for those who fly commercially. With this concept of creating a business jet the market is extremely different than that of the Commercial industry. In business aviation the main factors are Speed and Quality. Aerion is ensuring that they will be capable of satisfying both of those needs. They are working endlessly on the most important element on the aircraft which is safety.

Previous attempts to create a supersonic aircraft often resulted in the crew and passengers being confronted with a dangerous situation such as an engine bursting into flames due to the intense heat produce by the engines. Boeing is bringing their expertise to the table to ensure that safety is the highest priority when creating this aircraft.

All in all if you have not purchased a few shares of Boeing yet, I would not suggest waiting any longer. As time goes on and the aircraft becomes closer to production the evaluation of the potential for the aircraft will only rise. Currently being that they are the only company to have made a statement in regards to not only wanting to create a supersonic business jet but also having completed the design renderings they are leading the industry of supersonic aircraft.

We can expect to see similar aircraft be announced now that Boeing has went ahead and taken the first step in reshaping the way we travel forever. What once would take days if not months to travel over seas will now be just a few short hours. We can expect to see this model of aircraft be purchased by many Charter airlines and Brokers in hopes of leasing or renting the aircraft for use. Leading the world in supersonic travel Aerion hopes to create an opportunity where they can change our perspective on travelling. No longer will someone require a whole day of travel with this kind of technology to cross over the Atlantic or Pacific ocean.

They have in a sense created a time machine. This aircraft will enable you to save hours of your life when travelling and as a result allow you to enjoy more your destination. For the business traveler who operates their business in multiple countries, they will now be able to visit clients at extraordinary speeds.

What are you concerns in regards to Supersonic travel?

Do you see this potentially replacing a majority of the aircraft 20 or 40 years down the line? Boeing is focusing more of their attention towards the business aviation sector understanding the potential for growth in this environment is endless.

In Business aviation those who over deliver and under promise will always win. Being of service to others and providing a valuable solution to their troubles will allow Aerion to place whatever price tag they feel comfortable with knowing that someone will pay for it.

At the end of the day those who fly private undestand that their time is the most valuable resource to existance. It is finite thus choosing selectively on what you spend your time determines the greatest return on investment. Take into consideration that while the employee makes $X.XX per hour and is required to show up to their job in order to get paid, the business man and entreprenuer understand that there is money being printed every day while time is only ticking away.

This Example was given on the Aerion Website:

“A New York company flew a long-range subsonic jet 662 hours over 185 flight in 2015. Thirty four percent of its flights were international and included trips to europe, china austrlia and south america. In a AS2, the company would have saved 142 hours of fight time which translates to about 3 and a half weeks per passenger.”

What this means for Boeing?

Boeing is currently at an all time high and has experienced consecutively growth since the start of the year, We are starting to see some resistance in the current zone.

I would not enter into any new positions currently as we can expect the market to go into some consolidation before making some new movements. I would like to see price come back down to test the $300 price level in the next year before then making another rally up with the addition of the new partnership with Aerion.

Do you get the picture now??

Time is the most valuable resource of all and if you can find a way to give someone more of their time back then you have provided them with incredible value in your product. This is the main reason I am so passionate towards helping other in educating themselves in how to invest. Investing has provided me with the ability to maximize my time in the things i am most passionate about by not having to dedicate 80 hrs a week to a company that pays me just enough to ensure they still make a profit off of me.

Understand that the time you have now you will never get back and take that into massive consideration on a daily basis. Taking control of my time has allowed me to spend more time doing the things I enjoy the most such as fly aircraft, Play guitar, spend quality time with my family and much more.

Are you in control of your time? Are you able to do the things you desire most in life with your time? Realizing that if I loose time I can’t get it back has driven me towards becoming a successful investor so that I can cover my bills and expenses and earn an income that allows me to maximize my time on this Earth has been a blessing. Click the button below to find out more about how you can exponentially increase your income without sacrificing your time to be able to live life on your own terms.

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