How Can Someone Afford to Own a Private Jet?

Flying has become accessible to more individuals globally than ever before. Since the start of aviation the greatest benefit of traveling through the air is the speed at which you can get from one location to the next. Up at 30,000 feet being there are no red lights you have the freedom of traveling non-stop saving you hours if not days worth of travelling compared to traveling without the use of aircraft.

At the start of the aviation industry the cost were astronomical. As a result only individuals of high social status were able to enjoy the finer things of greater quality such as the ability to fly. Meals on board were served on fine china, and seats on aircraft were wide and comfortably arranged. It was a standard to wear your best outfit when flying as you never knew who you would be sitting next to on the aircraft. The captain of the aircraft was incredible respected and well connected with those of high status and the flight crew on board was always treated with generosity and kindness.

Aviation originates from exciting, noble and luxurious beginnings and the movement towards maximizing revenue and cutting costs has driven aviation to becoming for many cheap.

Yes, I said it! The way the airline industry has driven aviation towards becoming cheap to maximize profits only for the corporation.

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As a result of the constant pressure to drive prices lower it drives down those “wow” factors that the aviation industry was originally known for. Quality of meals on board decreases, comfort and quality of the seat you are sitting in drop dramatically to eliminate extra weight. Little by little all those perks of flying are being stripped away to create a cheaper plane ticket. If the Plane ticket continues to lower one can assume that the wages of the pilots, in-flight attendants, and crew will cease to grow. Creating a lack of enthusiasm for young adults to pursue a career as a pilot. This chain reaction of events occurs when we are in the fixed mindset of “This is to expensive”

Heavy : Light

Slow : Fast

Cheap : Expensive

It is all relative to your current perception. A child running in the park chasing after a friend might believe they are running faster than anything else on the world! In the eyes of Usian Bolt, world record holder in the 100 metres, 200 metres and 4 × 100 metres relay the child might not be so fast.

Someone who has been working out with a structured routine and diet for the last 3 years consistently will have a different perception on if something is heavy or not compared to an individual who has not used a gym in 5 years.

This is all pretty straight forward and simple right?

So what if I told you that thinking something is expensive if just a fixed perception on a topic that you have adopted for yourself. Who decided for us what was expensive? Most likely our parents, school teachers, maybe even another friend has influenced our perception on money into thinking that things like a making a million dollars only happens to lottery winners. Let’s be crystal clear, 1 Million Dollars is not what it used to be worth 40 years ago.

Life thrives with adopting a growth mindset instead of a conservative mindset.

Since I was just a little kid I knew I wanted my own airplane. Excited unable to sit still I start rambling on and talking to other people about it and soon enough I find out the costs involved not just with flying a plane, but learning how to fly, maintaining, parking, fueling and cleaning made my dream quite an “expensive” one. At least that was what I was told by other people I knew. I wasn’t going to settle for aviation being too expensive for me. So I started looking into who own their own plane. Who is flying? Who sitting in the back enjoying the flight?

I find myself now asking a new question: How do I get to thinking that buying a personal airplane is “cheap”?

My answer: Raise my own Value.

I came to the understanding that if I want to be able to afford my own aircraft then I need to increase my value and by doing so I need to increase the value that I give to others. I need to raise my self worth by giving out my highest quality work and focus towards serving others. The only guaranteed way to directly increase your own self worth is serve others with passion and undivided attention.

Focus on the action of making yourself more valuable to others and the rewards will follow.

We all have our dream waiting out there for us to chase after it. Sometimes we need a little push to get us started. Having a strong group of people to support you and push you towards going after your dreams makes a huge difference in seeing success. Look to see if your city has an Axen Club that meets on a weekly basis. They are free to attend and you get to surround yourself around people working towards living the highest quality life by taking massive action towards their dreams and goals. 

I personally lead the Axen Club that meets in Orlando and I must say being able to create a space where people can come together and discuss the obstacles they have faced and how they have overcome them is incredible. When you help others achieve their goals, you win as well!

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