Taking the First Step into the Private Aviation World

The world continues to grow and expand in ways that we could not fathom which results in our expectations to continue to rise. You and I both know that at the end of the day quality will always trump quantity. The era of luxurious travel is only becoming more prominent as more individuals are becoming turned-off by the experience of flying commercial. The demand for more private aircraft is only increasing more as the growth of wealth is increasing.

I was able to get a first hand look at some of the new companies that are shaping the way that private general aviation will operate in the coming future. I was able to speak get more information in regards to the developments being made in Next-Gen and what needs to be done in order to create a more safe airspace for the growing volume. I was able to take a look inside at a few of the newest models of Gulfstream jets and see the advancements in technology they have been able to incorporate int their aircraft. As well make some incredible connections that can lead to potential opportunities in the near future.

I attended the National Business Aviation Association Forum down in West Palm Beach International Airport yesterday and this was the first time attending one of their events. I was initially very impressed with the organization used to keep the flow of attendants moving through the area in an organized manner. I came with an open mind and ready with dozens of questions to learn as much as possible.

Every person that I spoke with was eager to answer questions and help in any way possible. I was able to sit down and converse one on one with aircraft brokers who are on the mission of selecting the ideal aircraft for a client they represent. I was able to speak to sales managers of aircraft manufactures and how they operate their side of the business when it comes to creating new aircraft. Many of the individuals I spoke with I had never heard of their company before which really opened up a space for me to be able to ask more questions without having any predetermined assumptions.

I find it essential to not assume anything of another individual or company when approaching them for conversation as the predetermined biased has the ability to negatively impact the ability to make a valuable connection with the person you are meeting.

Having been able to experience first hand the general aviation ecosystem the greatest key points I took from the event was first the understanding of value, the power of your network net-worth, and how to make a lasting impression.

In the private sector of aviation the price tag is but a number, what really matter is the commitment to excellence in the product or service. If you are delivering the highest quality of product and your customer is aware that you have taken the time and effort to ensure that satisfaction is a priority then they will pay what you ask.

The leverage of other individuals to provide you with new opportunities is the single most beneficial outcome of networking. The best jobs and careers available are most often not published publicly on job posting websites. If you are seeking a new career or place to where were you will be excited on a daily basis to show up to work then the best method that yields the highest success rate involves speaking to the individuals who need new employees first hand. Ask them directly if they are looking to increase their staff and if so what kind of positions they were looking to fill. They will respect your eager attitude for more and gladly point you in the right direction.

Most importantly remember that emotions stick in a persons memory stronger than logic does. When seeking to create a new connection at a networking event remember to have some fun and be creative. Bring them to laugh about a subject that will make remembering who you were easier.

If growing in the private aviation industry is something that has interested you then I highly encourage you to participate in an event where you can be exposed to the environment of General Aviation. The only way to decide if something is right for you or not is to first try it. After attending the event I can ensure you that I am more excited than ever to strive towards developing in the aviation industry.

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