How a passion for Aviation turned into a skill in Investing

We can all think back to a time in our young years as an adult approaches and asks us with the question that can potentially haunt people for the rest of their lives “What are you going to be when you grow up?”

Just even writing the sentence makes me cringe from how constraining and limiting it is to determine what you will become after years of development and progress. I don’t think we ever know what we are going to be when we grow up but we can choose how to go about our day. I though growing up I was set for life when I made the choice towards becoming a pilot. Man, I thought I had the answers the life at the age of 11 when I said “Dad, I want to become a pilot” and he hugged me and said how proud he was that I knew what I wanted to do so I felt like that was it! I thought after I made the choice the rest would just call into place and lead me to becoming a rich and successful pilot with incredible wealth and the standard 2.5 children being able to retire at 65, the whole nine yards. Little did I know there was more.

See I didn’t fall in love with aviation cause I thought it would be a strong and stable career I picked it for the thrill and sexiness that is around aviation. When I started looking more into the field and seeing these gorgeous business jets I knew I wanted to get my hands on one. Some people get turned on by the fancy cars or maybe clothing. Personally my obsession is with jets like this:

I started looking into how much one of these planes would cost me. When I saw the price tag I though to myself this is crazy who in the world could afford something like this. So I started looking it up and found that only the extremely wealthy individuals who were incredible successful in their abilities were able to leverage the benefits of having their own private jet. I started making a list of who owns a jet, what they do, and how much they spend on their jet. I knew I had to be on the list of people that own their personal jet I just needed to find the way how.

As soon as my perception was expanded new opportunities became present

This is where investing came into play. In my progress of asking around and talking to individuals first hand on what they do and how they are able to create wealth for themselves to where they are able to purchase their own jet. Many of the well known private jet owners are actors or celebrities such as Jim Carey, Oprah Winfrey, Micheal Jordan. The others are not very well known for the fact they are not in the eyes of the media but they are business people and entrepreneurs. Many of whom have either started a business or have been incredible successful in their investments.

After really taking into consideration why I initially wanted to pursue the aviation industry being that I fell in love with the sensation and sexiness of aviation I knew I had to do things a bit out of the ordinary. While I could have easily joined the Air Force and had all my schooling paid for and leaving with a pilots license and plenty of hours, I choose to take the Entrepreneur route.

Being that I am incredible young this gives me an advantage in creating incredible wealth for myself due to the fact I have time on my side. I have less weight holding me down from going out and putting in countless hours on sharpening my skills to be able to perform at peak intensity.

The key with investing in the market is the use it as a tool to get the things we value most in life. My passion lies with the feeling of soaring through the air being able to explore and reach new places while enjoying the views. My vision is to share the same experience I felt flying for the first time with anyone who wishes to go through the sensation. Investing provides me with a means of being able to reach my goal faster. With a traditional job my income does not have the ability to grow exponentially. Learning how to trade Forex and Options have shown me how to multiply my money which in turn saves me time and lets me reach my goals at a quicker pace.

By you reading this far down, I know you too feel what I feel when it comes down to being able to do the things in life that we dreamed of doing, in THIS life. I can speak from personal experience that in the process of choosing what I want most in life I have learned that by using the tools available to use we can reach our goals at a much faster pace than was ever possible before. The learning curve has become incredible sharp that now there are individuals in their 20’s that have created more wealth in the market that some have seen in the entirety of their whole life.

Is this fair for everyone? Of course. The market does not care if you are old, young, white, black, male or female. If you can make a conscious decision to master the market to be able to efficiently and consistently generate cash flow then you are one step ahead towards getting to your goal faster.

The information and resources are all out there and available, you just need to learn how to use them.
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