The Act of Becoming a Producer

Think back to the your early grade school education when we learned about the life cycle of a seed. We learned all about how in our ecosystem we have various key players that take part in the balance of life. We know that for a fact that all living creature require energy for survival. There are many mediums which living creatures are able to provide energy. In nature we have our Producers, Consumers, and Decomposers.

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The producers, most easily know as all the plant and vegetables in the environment that are capable of creating growth using elements such as water, soil and sunlight to then convert into energy and create products such as fruits, berries, legumes etc. They are capable of creating something virtually out of nothing and be able to have an excess to where others can benefits from the outcome of the producers work. They understand that with time and persistence there will be rewards in the end. They thrive off providing for others and understand that they must give in order the then grow even more in the end.

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The consumers most commonly identified as animals that are incapable of creating their own energy and as a result are dependent on taking the energy from the products of the plants or by consuming other living creatures. They operate on a different medium they focus on growing by a means of overtaking. They focus more on their own well being, they spend their time focusing on “What do I need to survive? How can I take as much as possible.” This is essential in an environment to keep the natural balance to prevent over saturation of resources. For it is the consumers role to create waste that is in turn used to provide energy for the decomposers.

Now the Decomposers are living creatures that thrives off the bio-waste of others living creatures and return it all back to the soil to be use for production once again. They are often looked over for the importance of their role. They take in all the unwanted, and undesired waste of others and aim to convert it into something that can be useful once again. They play a key role in progress as they ensure that the producers have fuel to continue to grow and provide for the consumers.

Now that we got passed the science lesson lets get back to the main objective of this post. The Act of Becoming a Producer. The most important part to understand is that you can not physically be a Producer, Consumer, and Decomposer all at the same time. You need to make a decision towards what role you want to play the biggest part in and gravitate towards playing that part.

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I want to focus on becoming a producer due to the fact that now with technology and the widespread use of the internet creating meaningful content and having others individual value your work has never been easier than ever before.

When you are in the process of creating and producing quality content that you are passionate about you need to focus on your craft and not indulge in the entertainment of others media.

I really want this idea to stick with you for the reason that I feel you have an immense amount of creativity and individuality that when you are taking in the work of others it has the ability to influence your own work and it takes away from your originality.

Six Years ago I was really into writing music. During this time when I was obsessed with creating and enhancing my own sound. I would record sample tracks of the piece I was working on and I would have it playing on repeat through my headphones 24/7. I was completely immersed in my sound and trying to create the sensation that I had in mind. When other friend would bring up other artist and would ask if I have heard their music, I would reply with me not even knowing they release new music. I was so tunnel vision in my own work that I had no clue what was going on outside my own work. By practicing this skill I was able to complete over 14 songs and fully record them. My music is not the best in the world but my dedication and persistence to create an album allowed me to complete it and be proud of the results. Here as proof are the songs I recorded.

If you do have a calling to create, then I highly encourage you to start today. When you are ready to begin, block out the noise. Turn off the distractions and focus on your growth. Be driven in your vision towards what you want to create and do it your own way. You are capable of producing extremely high quality results when you dive in and act intentionally. The reward in the end will be incredible.

The act of becoming a producer starts with blocking out distraction and reducing the amount of content you consume. Becoming completely immersed in your craft and becoming obsessed with the development and progress. Staying consistent in showing up and inviting your unique individual self shine.

When it come to Investing the media loves to try and sway our emotions and ideas when it comes to the market. Often times it helps to turn off that extra noise and really spend extra time working on your charting abilities. Understanding how to read certain trends and indicators for yourself and gain a better grasp on the market through your own research and understanding. This way when you do succeed you can be confident in your own abilities. Most importantly when you do fail, you take ownership of the result and learn.

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