How The New Schedule Will Look For 2019!

Hey everyone how is it going there! Hope you have had a great start of the year with the first few weeks already wrapping up I personally can say I am just now finally getting back into my routines. I was not consistent with my morning routines. I would hit it great maybe 3 or 5 times out of the week but I had not had a perfect week since maybe mid December. I knew something had to change.

I took this time to kinda take a step back and refocus my attention on what needs to be spend the most time on. The first step is going to be this blog.

The content that I plan to provide for the you is going to be more organized and planned out to the point where it is not longer going to be just jumping on here whenever I get a burst of inspiration. I am going to hold myself accountable to ensure I can have a post up every Monday and Thursday before 10 am Eastern Central Time.

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Along with having a more dedicated schedule I am going to refocus the vision of this blog towards the ideas that I am most passionate about and really just drill in on those topics. The first is going to be aviation and the second investing. These two topics are tied together due to the fact that aviation is not a cheap hobby.

Growing up as a kid I remember my first flight and learning about airplanes and completely falling in love with the aviation industry. The stories of pilots completing these incredible adventures. I knew that my life growing up would involve being part of the aviation community. I began to learn more of the jobs in the industry and the lifestyle of a commercial pilot. After reading of the long hours away from home, and the feeling of potentially not enjoying the act of flying due to it being a job was a fear that deterred me away from pursuing the career.

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My rebellious free spirited character was never design to fit the operating style of the Air Force. A few others who I would speak to enthusiastically about aviation encouraged me to enlist into the United States Air Force to learn how to fly at not expense and gain a reputable title within the military. Although it would have been valuable and certainly provided me with the experience and credentials to be able to work in the field I knew that I would find discomfort in adapting to the strict lifestyle that comes along with the Air Force

I turned towards “The Market”, I have heard many stories and testimonies of individuals creating incredible amounts of wealth by trading in financial markets and I felt this would be my strongest avenue in being able to create enough income to where I would be able to pursue my passion of being around aviation while doing it on my own terms.

I decided to document my journey towards using investing to purchase my own personal aircraft. I am extremely confident in the potential the market can provide for me and for you. I have personally made the decision to educate myself in how to be able to navigate the market in a manner I can maximize my return to be able to receive the greatest reward for my investment.

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Every Monday and Thursday I will bring you content around the topic of:

  • General Aviation
  • New Avionics
  • New aviation business topics
  • Investing topics around aviation
  • Mindset in the aviation industry
  • Trading Psychology
  • Trading Ideas
  • Aviation Photos and More

To follow click the link down on the bottom and Share with 1 other person who you think would also be interesting in reading. Let’s take a look at a new point of view together.

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