Art of Passive Investment

The technology that is not available with our phones in our pockets is incredibly advanced to that which was available just a few years back. The amount of data and information that the general public now has access to is beyond what was ever accessible.

With the plethora of information being spread at rates which are growing exponentially it can seem almost impossible for us as individuals to sort through all this raw data to find the exact info we are looking for.

When it comes to investing in various financial markets the accessibility that is now possible with the expansion of the internet is incredible. Someone at home can trade at instant speeds a luxury that was once only available to those who were physically standing on wall street during market hours.

That gives every individual in the world a fair and even ability to use the market to generate incredible wealth for themselves and loved ones to thrive with. The greatest hurdle is in learning how to understand the markets and trade them in a manner that reduces risk and increases the total gains.

See little did I know when I started to learn how to trade the market was that we can program our phones to execute trades for us at specific price values regardless of if our phone is on or off.

These trades get placed through a broker and he completes the orders at the time that the order was placed for. This is incredibly liberating as now one can begin to have trades get placed and closed on securing profits at a specific point with out ever having to even take your phone out of your pocket.

We have often trouble trusting different sources which is understandable with the integrity of individuals being often swayed and misdirected. I provide free post on my StockTwits page as well as on my Tradingview page you can see markups that I make on my charts.

These are ideas of my own that I record to be able to monitor and track my own trades personally. If you are seeking to educate yourself professionally and learn how to trade the market with confidence and proper education then I highly recommend you leave it up to the best instructors in the field.

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