Fortified Morning Routine

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Only you know what kind of morning routine is going to work best for you.

Personally I really value the first hour of my day and overtime I have come to understand the importance of really taking control and doing key tasks in the first part of your day to ensure the rest of the day is full of success and joy.

The most important part of wake up is getting out of bed when you are decide and sticking to it. If the night before you decided that you were going to wake up at lets say 7:00 a.m. then it is your responsibility to hold true to your word and wake up at 7:00 a.m. The act of making commitment and earning trust begins with making commitments with yourself and honoring them. This brings your to understand the value of holding true to your word and will raise your presence in the understanding your words and commitment mean together and how honorable you are in holding integrity with not just others but also yourself.

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Breathing is one of the only autonomic functions of our body that we have the ability to directly control. The manner in which breathe greatly can impact bodily function. Having a well oxygenated body can promote a greater sense of feeling healthy. There is incredibly valuable information created by doctors in regards to the benefits of breathing as well some different techniques and I highly encourage you to take the time to look into it as the topic is very in depth and is best explain by a professional in the field.

The best way to ensure your success is to prepare a glass of water the night before to have it ready for you in the morning to remove a step required in the morning. After finishing the glass of water and you take care of any vital hygienic requirements focus on raising your physical connectivity with your body. For some this may be doing 5 min of yoga or meditation. For others maybe a morning run or light jog is the preferred method. There is no mandatory activity although it is important to incorporate physical activity to connect the mind and body. Try to keep the tasks relatively short in time length, I prefer a walk in my community to grab the mail and say hi to any neighbors that are out that morning.

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The next element of creating a Fortified Morning Routine is exposing your brain to content rich stimulation. A simple activity to raise the attention and focus of your mind. I enjoy the act of reading so I sit down and ensure to read at least 10 min of a book that interests me and provides me with value for the day.

At this point my body is beginning to ask for fuel and so I begin with a nutrient packed smoothie with essential vitamins proteins to prepare my body to perform at a peak state in the morning. I also take a nootropic to encourage brain function to replace to dependency on coffee that I ran into while trying to keep up with the face paced world around.

All in all having a Fortified morning Routine does not mean that it is regimented to where you are following a time stamped system that has not a second of space for error. It can be fluid and adaptable depending on the your current environment. Having a Fortified Morning Routine involves ensuring that certain basic elements are covered just like in a well balance meal. The key elements to a Fortified Morning Routine Include:

  • Physical and Mental unification to focus the mind.
  • Hydration and Oxygenation of the body.
  • Cognitive stimulation to promote mental function.
  • Most importantly having a sense and mindset of gratitude.

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