Axen Club Orlando

Axen Club is something I am personally very humbled to lead in Orlando. It provides me a chance to interact with local entrepreneurs, artist, programmers, and really get a great diverse interaction between a vast range of personalities.

Being that the club is entirely free and the meetings never last longer than about an hour and a half it is really convenient with scheduling in the time for myself to be able to grow as an individual by sharpening myself against other sharp individuals

Finding people who have the same ambitions and goals in life can be extremely difficult and daunting. At Axen club we only care about one thing, what makes you happy and what do you have to do to get there. Our job is to hold you accountable on what you say you are going to do and make sure that it gets done the next time we see each other. Pretty straight forward concept yet this style of collaboration between peers some charge as a service at a range between $50-$1,000 for just an hour.

Axen club is free for the community and allows for open conversation to promote for a more diverse dialogue. Our next get together is this Sunday at noon at a location called Market On South in Orlando Florida. We look forward to see you there to continue this journey towards our mountain top!

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