A Change in State

For my science enthusiast, I am terribly sorry to inform you that this post is indeed not in direct relation to states of matter.

For my geography enthusiast, I am terribly sorry to inform you that this post is not in regards to the 50 states of the U.S.A.

Photo by Ray Bilcliff on Pexels.com

With the new year starting off we have already seen massive change occur in our environment that has been adapting over time. Surely enough we are being exposed to conditions which are causing us to massively change the way we interact with other individuals. The world around us has completely evolved to where the way we make purchases to work, even tasks such as the medium which we receive our news from. These changes in our world have brought along incredible amounts of change and the pace at which things are evolving is only increasing.

This is to cover the idea of how to use a few simple hooks to be able to help aid the process of change towards adapting and creating new habits for the constantly evolving world.

Photo by Oliver Sjöström on Pexels.com

For starters the old expression about diving in instead of just dipping in your toe is something that I am personal all for. When you are trying new things and you only expose yourself to just a fraction of the entire picture then once it comes time for you to fully take on the role you will reject the change due to it now being an accounted element, when in reality it was present the entire time. Become submersed and fully engage in the activity and give it all your attention to ensure your mind is fully embracing and experience the event.

Embrace the change and take control in facilitating the most beneficial growth whenever there is change.

When it comes down to a moment of preparing your body prior to a vital moment in your day it is essential to prepare yourself mentally and physically to be able to perform at your highest level. Many role models highlight the benefits of using a strong morning routine to be able to prepare for a successful day overall. If you are seeking towards implementing a tested, set-up morning routine you can see a copy of the Fortified Morning Routine here.

Finally a change in physical environment will always result in a change of mental state. Once you understand this and learn to use it to your advantage you are able to begin to harness to everlasting internal power within yourself. Our bodies are fine crafted machines capable of generating energy and releasing it. It is our responsibility to understand the full power that we are capable of and using that towards enhancing the quality of life. When attempting to change your way of thought or expose yourself to a new idea with a new perspective then start which altering your physical state. This is the core of opening up your mind towards becoming receptive towards receiving new information.

Photo by Daniel Frank on Pexels.com

The hardest change of all involves a social change. It could be moving locations and leaving the physical proximity of all the faces your are familiar with. Changing your physical environment can include changing your home in a way that bring your more joy and allows for your to grow. This change in environment can be either facilitated by an outside force or yourself. You always have the ability to change your mental state or emotional state by altering your physical state. Something simple like keeping your home organized in a manner that makes your happy. It could be taking a walk out in your neighborhood and becoming more present in your own surroundings. Master facilitating positive change in your life.

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