Stop waiting for others. 

When I first started my journey into entrepreneurship I started like many young and excited individuals who first join a network marketing company excited and nervous. I cling onto my up line for support and basically just hope that they decide to do a lot of the work for me and grow my business naturally while I just sit back and reap the benefits. Little did I know this was not how it worked. I would have all the time in the world to go out and start to connect and socialize with people of all types of different status but would often choose to stay at home paralyzed by the fear of rejection.

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I would wait for the backup of others before going out and taking action and this resulted in my never actually taking the actions necessary being I couldn’t handle the conversations even if it was presented to me because I was not practicing every chance I got. I learned the value of discipline. Especially for someone who is striving to become an entrepreneur and your industry involves you talking to others people then you need to talk to anyone that is within speaking range of you. It is impossible for you to determine the quality of a connection prior to the connection being made.
How often have you seen a famous individual in public gone up to approach them and tried to start and engaging conversation only to get rejected in a heart beat leaving you feeling destroyed.

It is impossible to judge the value of a connection prior to saying hello.

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In the same sense how many times has a complete stranger started a conversation with you and over time the acquaintance becomes a close friend. We need to stop waiting of others to initiate the action that brings positive results. We have the complete power to make active decisions to make outcomes beneficial for multiple individuals. When the actions ahead shape the outcome of your future do not wait for another individual for you to make your decision. We need to understand that we hold the answers to our own troubles. Speaking to others only helps us to come to realization that we needed.

For me the biggest choice I had to make was not accepting a financial future I didn’t support. I knew that if I wanted to live the kind of life I envisioned for myself I would need to master money to where it is not a concerned in my day to day life. This is one of the main reasons I personally picked up learning how to invest my time and money into exponentially rewarding subjects. This is the reason I am so laser focused on creating and using every moment I have towards enhancing the quality of the life of those around me and myself.

It is a personal mission of mine to become extremely wealthy and to develop the ability to aid others in their own progress towards incredible wealth.

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