Today, Your Internet Presence is Equivalent to Your Physical Presence.

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The direction in which we are moving as a society is transitioning into an era where your Internet Presence will become equivalent to that of your physical presence. The millions of people turning towards the freedom and liberty the internet provides in the abililty to gain massive attention and create relationships primarily through the internet has become that of a norm. We need to understand the level this has on people on a personal level. We now have a situation where the words we say online can be held accountable the same as words said in person. The is no longer a difference in the two mediums of communication. This is extremely powerful to understand in the scope of the immense power every individual has just gained.

Go back just a few decades to where if someone had an idea they wished to share with others they would either have to have a milk carton to stand on in the center of town and hope people would stop and listen. If you had the money to be able to publish a book or the expertise to become a speaker the progression towards impacting the millions would take years of dedication and persistence. Our ability to grab the attention of others has grown exponentially and with this we have lost a sense of control when it comes to your interactions online.

Take massive responsibility and ownership over the content you are engaging in, promoting, and posting about.

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Our words will forever be the strongest tool we have to our disposal. When you take ownership and realize the power that our words have you to will be motivated to speak about your own ideas, struggles, and triumphs. Finding our voice and the confidence to speak only comes from talking over and over and over again until it becomes comfortable and you truly take ownership of your words. I am on a mission to speak from my own thoughts. I enjoy listening to plenty of other podcasts and speakers as well I enjoy reading the works of many authors, although when it comes time for me to write I clear my mind of other peoples stories and I speak form my own experiences, perspectives and emotions. This keeps my work authentic and transparent.

Manner’s online must be practiced. We need to respect the internet for what it is and the people that use it. Treating others with respect and honesty online is just as important as it is to do so in person. If someone came directly up to you and saw you had done something cool and wanted to give you a compliment, how weird and rude would it be if you just stared at them right in the face and said nothing back. If you wouldn’t do that to someones face why would you ignore their comment on your post knowing they are looking right at you to see what you are going to do back. This is the reality that is a result of the internet and we need to embrace it fully.

Moving forwards, be respectful, find your voice by using it, and speak into action what you demand from life and see that it comes true.

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