This past year I have felt as if I am under the dirt. I feel trapped all around with the Earth adding pressure as more debris is added on top by the blowing wind above on the surface. Like a seed trapped in its shell waiting for water to soak down into the soil. Over the last year more and more water has pour over the soil and with a little faith and a leap of faith not knowing what is out in the world the sapling breaks the shell of the seed. The journey pushing through the dirt is incredibly difficult and without a doubt the most challenging task ever faced in the life of the seed.

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Have you ever felt like the work and struggle never ends? Have you gone through feeling like when are the dark days going to brighten up. The feeling of frustration and stress as you go day after day putting in hard work and feeling like little to no progress is being made. Why is it that this feeling is so common and widespread throughout mankind. How do we keep faith and hope and persistence when we feel we have lost it all, and find the strength to keep on pushing forward?

These are questions that I ask myself as I have gone this entire year feeling as if I am treading water moving nowhere. It is so easy for us to cave in to the pressures of our environment. Just like everyone else there are days where I don’t feel like getting out of bed and doing the things I know matter the most. There are days where I feel like just tossing the towel in and living a simple life. The only issue with that is that deep down inside we both know that when we choose to live a simple and easy life we also accept to live a life a regret and sadness. How does the tiny seed grow to be bigger than its fears?

“Life doesn’t get easier or more forgiving, we get stronger and more resilient.”

― Steve Maraboli,

It is my time to blossom. I can feel the coolness of the blowing air. I can feel the rays of the sun beaming down on my tiny little stem which has just broken through the surface of the Earth. The obstacles ahead are now greater and come in more frequency. There are birds flying above, insects looking the feast, and the fear of being stepped on by a passing creature is now daunting.

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Does the seed feel these fears or is it just “man” who creates these mental obstacles?

Does the seed stop growing to prevent injury or potential destruction?

How do we act in a manner more like our flora and push towards growth and development relentlessly without hesitation?

This conversation is one that I feel very passionately about due to the fact this is currently the stage in my life I am currently in. The seed that has been planted years ago has been pushing relentlessly to see sunlight. Now that the surface is broken the only way to go is up. The future although uncertain and unforgiving leaves me to decide if I am going to stay low to the ground and potentially be drowned out by the growing ecosystem around me, or take in as much nutrients and vitamins present to grown taller and stronger than ever before to be able to handle any possible obstacles in the future.

Now that I can see the light it is time to Blossom. It is time to grow with no limits and take in all that life has to offer. Be incredibly strong on your journey and blossom in the rays of the sun.

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