The Current Reality

It’s Christmas Eve 2018 and there are kids playing in the yards as they are on winter break. The stores are swarming with families buying last minute food and toys for the night before the stores all close. Stores start to close down early for the night trying to wrap up any last minute sales. All while in the background up in wall-street the market plummets down another 2.7%. The market is using the hype of the holidays to mask and distract the common public from the current reality that the market is entering a massive bearish trend which has the potential to greatly alter our daily lives as we know it if we are not prepared to handle what is coming.

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All while in the background up in wall-street the market plummets down another 2.7%

Taking action toward controlling our own finances are incredible important with the changing of markets on a global scale. Over the last year we have seen changes occur that we never once imagine would be possible. The rise of concepts like crypto-currencies have become known throughout the globe and many large banks have already invested heavily in the technology. The growth in exchanges such as that which occurs between currencies have become more accessible to the general public.

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We need to understand what is now available for anyone with internet access. Learning how to understand and read market trends can help free you from the constraints and dependence of an employer. I am not telling you to go and quit your job tomorrow to go become a stock broker. I am suggesting you take 1 hour every day after your job and learn some new skills in investing. Watch a video or read a book in regards to investing. Take a class on the strategies that are currently being used in the market in today’s current global economy. I currently still have a job that I show up to and while I am in at the job I have my phone in my pocket generating me profits off trades that I placed the night before.

This kind of leverage of time is the most valuable tool that we have access to with our cellphones. Being able to monitor and execute on trades from your phone at any time is a liberating skill that every individual is capable of learning. I highly recommend you take the time to educate and inform yourself on the current status of the global economy and educate yourself on a way to liberate your financial dependency of governments and corporations.

Take 1 hour every day after your job and work on your future investments

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Take action towards your own power to earn as much money as you so desire. I personally recommend anyone personally myself to one location for education in the markets for those who are serious in learning how to emancipate themselves financially. I have been able to do so myself through this education platform and it might work for you as well, it might not. The only deciding factor is if you are serious and put the work in to learn and become a master trader. Keep in mind there is a difference from a celebrity trader and a master trader. A master trader stays humble and continues to work on his craft to enhance his skills every day. If you see yourself becoming a master trading and need a reliable source to begin IMarketsLive would be the best place to begin.

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