Welcome to the Crash of 2019

This screenshot was taken at 10 PM Easter Time Zone December 23 2018

Welcome to the crash of 2019. Over the last 25 years we have seen incredible growth and movement in the American economy. Just in the last two months of 2018 the market has dropped 17.5%. With the pressure from the Federal Reserves having raised the interest rates one last time before the end of the year we can expect there to be massive corrections in the market over the next year. Traditionally speaking the market has a correction every 7 years or so on average. We have been experiencing a rally up since the housing market crash of 2008. Just looking back at the crash that occurred back in 2008 we can now look back at the size of the crash and the impact it had on the millions of Americans who lost jobs and homes during that time. Many individuals who were born in the late 90’s or early 2000’s were too young to experience the troubles that came with a market correction that resulted in a 50% market share drop.

At the end of the day understanding the current status of the market is incredible important. We can see the dramatic shift of direction and strength pulling down. What can we do now about it?

Focus on the future and how you can effectively control your future by using a vehicle proven to create growth.

Honestly speaking if you didn’t see this coming from before that’s alright because you are seeing it now. I am here to just confirm your uncertainties and clarify that yes indeed we are entering a year of contraction where we will see the market dramatically drop. This will have major repercussions to work and the housing market in the United States. This is an invitation to something that does not happen often in ones lifetime. Massive market corrections like this can greatly damage and destroy some individuals financial futures. Those who are reliant on other sources for their financial stability are in jeopardy of loosing everything. Those who are not prepared for the market to continue to fall will suffer greatly.

Become Financially Independent

This really can mean a lot of different things to people and it can often get confusing what the term means with so many interpretations. The way I will be using the term is similar to that how Doug Nelson uses it in the book “Catch Fire, Ignite your own Economy”. The book explains the concept of separating yourself from the economy. Creating your own market and not allowing the elements of other markets effect your own. The only way to control your own financial independence is to not allow another individual to determine how much you are worth. Defining your worth is key in not just surviving through this market crash but coming out a victor in the end.

Learning to invest in the Foreign Exchange market will allow you to consistently earn income regardless of where you live or how old you are. Trading Forex is a skill that takes time to learn and can be extremely difficult to understand with a closed mind. Once you approach the Foreign Exchange market with an open mind and an attention to detail the rewards can be limitless. This financial instrument has been around since the Chinese dynasties and have been in practice long before the United States of America even was a thought. Focus on the future and how you can effectively control your future by using a vehicle proven to create growth in large scale and has been able to provide results for centuries. If learning more about the Foreign Exchange Market interest you CLICK HERE for access to education software and trading tools to aid your journey toward gaining Financial Independence.

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