Stocks, Options and FOREX Oh My!

Back in the year 2016 I experienced something that I have never felt before, Burnout.

At the time of working in restaurants I was working in a fine dining venue that required immense amount of physical and mental strength on a daily basis to perform the job. I joined the company excited and motivated to grow internally and started spending my days and nights working. I held true to the ideologies that to progress within a company you need to work long hours and use the infamous “sell your soul” concept to be able to advance. I embodied this quite well and for a long time just about over 2 years, when I got hit with the ultimatum. I had come to ask myself “I am going to accept this career and lifestyle which I currently live for the next 2-5 years. Right then and there is when I knew something had to change.

See I was not in a bad situation, I was making decent money, I was living on the beach in Miami, Florida a place where many dream of going to. I had the car that I had dreamed of and I had spent the money and time to customize it to my preference and still I felt like I was poor. I lacked the riches I truly desired which is the ability to make my own decisions on my own time. I lack the joy and love I can give and receive while spending time with my family. I felt empty and alone because all the time I was spending working to make money left me with little to no time to enjoy the money with my family. I knew something had to change.

Frustrated and motivated to learn how I can start taking control of my financial future I turn to the one place where I have heard of countless success stories, the Market. Initially I didn’t know where to start so I started asking my family.

If you don’t trust yourself, find someone that you do.

I learned my mother owned a few shares of a company that her friend advised her to invest in. She just sits back and prays to god that the stock generates earnings. I spoke to my uncle who has a decently sized house and stable career and asked him some questions about the market. He was strongly against the idea as it always sounded like a gamble to him and he would rather hold and save his earnings over wrongly investing them. I go on to then ask my brother who honestly says he knows little to nothing in the topic. I then came to the conclusion that if I plane to learn about investing I need to speak to an Investor. Now the real question is where do I find one whom I can trust and is willing to give me their insights and years of trial and error in the markets.

I start digging and doing some personal research and learn about all the different styles markets that are open for trading. I had no idea the amount of data is not accessible with the internet to where any individual with access can trade at the same time and speed that those on wall street have access to.

My first investments were in stocks that I personally knew. I found companies like Nvida which creates video cards, and Tesla which makes electric automobiles, both of which were prime candidates for investing in. Finding and setting up an account to make a simple purchase of a stock online can be done in less than 30 min. As most uneducated investors I soon found my account go up by 2% then drop my 3%. It rose up by 1% then went down by 2%. Here I am just watching as my money goes up and down and my frustration gradually rises confused as to why people even do this in the first place. I knew if i planned on earning profits from the markets I would need to dramatically increase my skill level. I would need to learn from the best of the best.

“The rich invest in time, the poor invest in money.”

Warren Buffet

As I am saying this all at the time I find an add for a personal development seminar which would be in my area. I attend not knowing what to expect and after covering topics on communication and leadership a speaker comes to the stage excited and showing slides of charts behind me and my eyes are glued to what he has to say. He begins to talk about Options trading. A trading style which involves a little more effort and attention to detail but can provide a structured system for controlling risks and profits. I was hooked. I began trading options and have been growing my account in the market for the last year. I began to have incredible success but still felt like my progress was slow at times. I wanted to find a market that had the potential of creating my incredible amounts of wealth while also giving me the control to manage my risk. I knew I needed to go to where the crowd was.

I came across the FOREX market which is more formally known as the Foreign Exchange Market. This is no longer dealing with companies directly but dealing with currencies of countries. The beauty of this market is that it is open whenever any major bank is open. Starting with the Australian market ending with New York. This gives me the freedom the trade at any location throughout the world and opens my time frame of when the market is open. Over years of being dedicated towards enhancing my skill in trading different markets I found the FOREX market to have the greatest potential. I personally am not qualified to be able to provide any form of education when it comes to trading styles and strategies although there are many sources out there available. I personally have a trust source for education in the FOREX market that has also educated individuals from over 80 different countries. Just like any post education, the resources and teacher are not for free but I can tell you from personal experience that I have personally found the most reliable source for education that offers it at the best price possible. I personally share free trade ideas and charts on my TradingView and Stock Twits accounts, but again if you do indeed seek to learn and educate yourself in how to trade the worlds largest Market, learning from a team of individuals who trade on a daily basis then here you can find more information and details in how you can Learn More

I am not here to talk about the success I have had or to go on and on about what I have done. I am here to bring to your attention that the information is out there and more available now than ever before. It can sound intimidating and overwhelming at first and that happens to everyone. Just take it one step at a time and find strong dependable mentors to learn from. Don’t make my mistake and try to do it all on your own. You will loose a lot of money and get frustrated and quit. Find a mentor, take the time to practice and prepare yourself to execute. I would trust only those who are leading the way towards their vision. I personally trust my source for learning and educating trading strategies on the main idea that their goal is to empower individuals instead of generate profits. If learning how to trade is something you see the value in yourself CLICK HERE to learn more!

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