My Approach Could be Catered Directly for You

If you go out and start the search for content in the Self-Help category you will find a surplus of information and testimonials to go through. This genre is over saturated by different voices and methods and styles that it can get extremely confusing and overwhelming at times. With lack of credibility in who to believe we often easily dismiss information based on who the speaker is. We can begin to notice massive amount of repetition in the information being spread almost as if one person has just copied the other and taken it as their own idea.

Then we have the leaders of the industry the ones who have been transparent and honest about their upbringing. They speak from pain and passion and take time to listen and understand their audience. They can even have the power to make you feel that the speaker is talking directly to you even when you are seated in a stadium of 10,000 people. See the beauty of our world is that it is left up to our own interpretation. For this reason is why I value writing over creating video or audio. When I write I am initially changing the state of my mind into using sufficient vocabulary to be able to effectively display my idea without the use of media to support my idea. This forces the readers mind to create their own images from their own thought bank. The same way that I am writing this and hearing my own voice as the narrator, as you are reading this you be hearing something completely different. 

Why is it that we need to hear the same thing from different people to finally believe in something.

When I choose to write it provides me with the greatest reward personally. My journey towards my goals that I am on is unique to myself and involves creating an impact that reaches beyond my physical limitations. I take pride in writing as it provides clarity of my vision, it creates a invaluable connections with individuals who I can relate with, and it allows for the mind to create freely. 

Why is it that we need to hear the same thing from different people to finally believe in something? When it comes down the science of cause and effect principles. There are many factors than could alter the effectiveness of a message being delivered. Potentially the person is not open to receive the information, the timing was off, there was a lack of connection between both parties. There are a lot of external elements that could play a part in the process of influencing or informing another individual through different sources of media.

I believe that reading forces the mind to create and be active as compared to watching videos. As you continue on reading allow your mind to create the images and sounds to the stories. Allow your mind to incorporate little details that help tie in all the big picture items together. When I write I am to not forcing my ideas upon you but trying to create dialogue and an environment where your mind is capable of creating new pathways and grow internally. My approach although to some may be archaic and outdated, for you it may be just what you needed to read, right when you needed to read it. 

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