Regain your Personal Power in the First 10 Minutes of your Day. 

Over the last year I have been fighting to regain control over my life. Victim to waking up and reacting to my environment within the first 10 minutes. Leaning over grabbing my phone or for some checking your email. We are all victim to the ritual of waking up and reacting to the event which grasps our attention first of being the most urgent. It could be your alarm startling you to jump up and start getting ready for work. Possibly your partner waking you up with a list of requests prepared for the day. I was victim to waking up and instantly tending the the most urgent items. This created a sense of chaos and panic in my mind as now my day has started in a blur and before I am able to regain consciousness the day has passed. 

I can only speak from my own experiences of waking up and running to check the market to see what movements occurred over night. Maybe I wake up and noticed a few texts I received and grab my phone and begin sending out replies. 

When we react to our environment we are stripping away at our ability to make independent decisions proactively. We loose control by allowing these outside factors to determine the start of our day which in results effects how the day ends. 

Now I know you may be thinking “look I have kids and they wake me up screaming and kicking and telling me to take them to school” or maybe you have a dog that starts scratching at the door to run outside, we all have our duties and responsibilities that we elected to have in our lives. The only issue is that in our modern society, with every medium trying to grab your attention and influence your decision in the first moments of our day we choose to give up our freedom to decide and follow the trend of being reactionary creatures. 

I suggest a change of approach where you create a strong ritual for aligning your physical body with your mental one in the first minutes of waking. By making the conscious decision to stick to certain rituals you empower yourself to live on your own terms not those of others. When you wake up and decide with confidence and ownership the most valuable actions to take you set your self up for continuing the habit of acting with intention and purpose. 

There is not a one routine fit all for waking up. I have studied many and have tried many and have found a strong routine that works for myself. Right when I wake up. I use the restroom, pour a tall glass of water and finish it entirely. Then continue to take a slow wall around my apartment complex while practicing mindful breathing. This routine has allowed me time to feel my body first thing in the morning and provide it with vital oxygen flow and hydration. During my walk I prepare my thoughts for the day. I take time to listen to the nature around me and I stay far away from any electronics that could distract me from my vision of creating a powerful morning to set the tone for the rest of the day. 

All success is a result of relentless action. Having the strength to turn away distraction first thing in the morning is incredible difficult and frustrating to begin. The outcome leads to exponentially expanding the quality of your day. Take the first 10 minutes of the day and act with intention, purpose and consistency and the results will carry over through all that comes your way. You will have taken ownership over your ability to remain in control of your attention and that is something incredible powerful and worth celebrating.

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