Preparation Mitigates Fear, Action Surpasses Fear.

As a young individual mastering the lifelong skill of investing and using the financial markets as a means to develop wealth, and pass on a legacy of abundance to future generations there is a very popular trend that surrounds participating in active investing strategies of the market, that is fear. Now just with any other investment if it may be financially or emotionally, there is always a sense of uncertainty which creates fear naturally.  The thought of the trade falling through or the deal going wrong and you loosing all your money starts to loom through your mind. The anxiety of the possibility that some unpredictable element could arise at any moment and jeopardize the success or failure of your endeavor begins to brew inside your subconscious mind festering and creating this fear that handicaps the ability to make rational decision. 

The results are a direct product of your preparation.

When you take the time to be strategic and organized in your approaches the chance of you succeeding are much higher. When I initially started to trade nobody decided to tell me what a “stop loss” order was and how they could protect your account balance from taking too great of a loss. Nobody informed me how to use a “take profits” order to ensure that if there was a spike in the market and my goal price was hit that the system would automatically ensure my profits were made secured. Once I learned these simple tools that exist to help protect myself and create a winning situation for myself I now could trade with greater confidence knowing what the most I could lose in the worse case scenario is.

After having taken the time to learn more about how to anticipate for the unpredictable and how to be resilient in the event that my initial judgement holds to be wrong, which happens very often. I had to learn these lessons through failing and having to ask for advice and help from others who have made the same mistakes as me. Luckily for myself they had much larger lessons than I experienced so I am fortunate to have learned sooner than later key details to ensure a more successful future. 

I still feel the rush of nervousness, doubt, and uncertainty when I enter trades and the way I completely move past the fear is when I see that I have taken the proper preparations to ensure I am prepared to any possible outcome. After I remind myself that I have followed all proper procedure I take the vital action and allow for the market to do the rest. The results are a direct product of your preparation. The key element to turn your preparation into tangible results while eliminating the fear is by taking the action. 

What are some of your fears, thoughts, emotions when it comes to the market? Are you currently investing money in any financial markets? Have you considered learning on strategies or ways to invest? Drop your thoughts down below or connect through the Mastermind page your ideas!

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