Always Win

Being someone driven and determine to grow and develop myself as an individual, partner, and business man I have learned to create win-win situations. I feel that social standards that have been adopted over the years that for there to be a winner there must also be a loser. This isn’t always true as I believe with the right mindset and perspective there can be a victory to every situation. Now this victory might come in different ways. 

By no means what so ever am I encouraging 12th place trophies. This is highlight the benefits of creating scenarios where both parties gain as a result of the conflict. 

Some might consider victory to be winning the trophy, getting the raise at work or maybe even having your significant others admit “You were right”! You are not entirely wrong for thinking this way as this is how we are taught to determine if we have won. Find a loser and make sure its not you. The social dilemma with this concept is that now it creates a sense of inferiority from the loser to the victor. The other participant having labeled that he or she has lost now is also experiencing a loss a depreciation of confidence in themselves. 

As a contrast opinion to the idea of always wining this does not state in the frame of always going after the first prize trophy and even if you don’t get it, lie and convince yourself you are worthy and that there was a mistake and you are meant to be the real winner in the situation. These thoughts lead to dilusion and potential mania.

My proposed idea is when in a situation where there is a victor take any win that you find available. Maybe you don’t win first place but make a unique and beneficial relationship that will help propel your success in a later day. If its in a social or business setting and a resolution, compromise or debate is being handled you must take control of the situation and ensure the result is mutually beneficial to promote a positive repeat experiences.

When we aim to create victories large and small, for not just ourselves but also those who we interact with it creates an environment where people will enjoy to work with you. Too often with social media trends preaching to dominate and take over and control the situation and result in a complete victory and this results in a negative experience for the other party, meaning they most likely will not be so enthusiastic to work with you again in the future. When you focus on always creating win-win situation you increase not only your success rate but also your retention rate for future success. 

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