Limit your Options

So I am headed out to the store to buy some groceries and essentials for the house and one of the items on my list was a new tube of toothpaste. As I head into the isle and looking to grab and go with a new tube in my hand I come to a screeching halt and am frozen by the diverse variety and massive amount of toothpastes to choose from. Finally after realizing the time I am wasting staring at rows of perfectly lined up boxes I disrupt the presentation and grab one of the front boxes and dart out of the isles. Before even making it to the register I am second guessing my decision wondering if I should go back and pick a different toothpaste. 

Sound like something you might have ever done before? Maybe you had the choice to choose between three or four magnificent universities and you went ahead and picked one. Then midway through your sophomore year are asking yourself if you made the right choice. I once had the option of choosing between just three different jobs and after making my choice I then felt that maybe things would be better if I had chosen otherwise. This is not a new concept but is something that has become a much greater dilemma with the surplus of information and products in the world, we become victim to paralysis of over analysis. The term is best defined by being paralyzed either mentally, physically, or both due to the over analysis of having too many factors to process. The best thing we could do to best ensure our success is to place on blinders and run right towards your goal without taking your eye of the prize. 

Now you are probably thinking “I can’t see to my sides how will I know if something is coming at me and if I need to move to protect myself”. You are completely right, when you have laser focus and are going full speed right at the target and not looking around you then there is a good chance you could get knocked right over and not even have seen it coming. Great, because in the real world when life is going to try and knock you down, you wont be able to see it coming. Not even if you are looking all around you. The thing that makes the ones who have side blinders successful is that even when they get hit hard from their blind side. They still didn’t take their eye off the prize. They keep on running. 

When we limit our options and move towards what is going to best suit our individual needs,

we make the most appropriate decision. 

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